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New York City: Day 1

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Welcome to my first post about my recent New York trip! If you didn’t know, I went to New York City to celebrate my 21st birthday (since my actual birthday happened during finals). Make sure to check out my other post about my NYC trip here and here.

So a little intro before diving into a TON of pictures (the first day was definitely the most picture heavy day of the trip), I was lucky and stayed in the Marriott Vacation Club Pulse hotel. (My parents are Marriott vacation club members and had some points that were going to expire before 2017 so I was lucky enough to get to use them!) It was about 2 blocks off of the  Empire State Building and was 16 blocks away from where my cousin (who I spent the entire time with) lives. The hotel had a gorgeous rooftop bar with a clear as day view of the Empire State Building. The hotel just had an adorable boutique-y vibe compared to other Marriotts.

We started out day earlier than the other days by walking to Grand Central Station to catch the subway to the upper east side. (So Gossip Girl, I know.)

Grand Central station was just stunning. It seriously blew me away. (I was having a Serena Van Der Woodsen moment on the stairway for sure.) My uncle Charlie always checks out train stations while traveling so coming here definitely made me think of him. This one also is also probably the most impressive of the bunch.

{Brunch at Sara Beth’s}

For the trip we went to my cousin’s favorite places for pretty much every meal and Sarabeth’s was a classic upper east side brunch place for us to go. They are known for their mimosa’s (my fave) and benedict. I ordered the elderflower mimosa and the smoked salmon benedict while my cousin Megan ordered the peach mimosa and the salmon benedict as well.

We started our long day of walking by walking down parallel to Central Park. Along the way we ran into this adorable hidden coffee shop called Bluestone Lane Coffee. It was located in a church and was so quaint  and delicious.

We passed the Guggenheim and a prep school on our way to the Met. (Basically Blair Waldorf right?) We went inside to check out the Christmas tree which was way different than other Christmas trees but still stunning in its own way. It had a nativity scene on the base and in the tree.

We walked through Central Park and walked through were Blair and Chuck get married (a staple) and was amazing. I loved all of the architecture that New York had throughout all of the days and areas of New York that we went.

{This reminded me of Enchanted where she sings “How do you know”}

We then came to the end of the park, and at the front of the Plaza hotel. Of course we had to go in but unfortunately we were unable to actually go into the lobby since were weren’t staying at the hotel. But downstairs, where we were able to go, there was shopping and food.

We then made our way through 5th avenue where all of the amazing, decorated buildings and window displays resided.


{Harry Winston}

{Henri Bendel}


{Tommy Hilfiger}

After the Plaza, we walked all up and down 5th street looking at the window displays and buildings ready for the holidays. (The pictures unfortunately didn’t turn out as good in the day as they did that night.)

After reading this post on my sorority sister and fellow bloggers blog, here, I knew I had to check out Ralph’s coffee shop on the second floor of the Ralph Lauren store. It was just so cute decked out for the holidays, and to make it even better the coffee was delicious.

One of the places I wanted to visit was The Palace. (I was having some intense Gossip Girl vibes throughout the day.) We stopped inside for a little bite to eat to hold us over until dinner and it was delicious. I got a berry tarte with almond cream.

We stopped by St. Patricks Cathedral to see inside and there was a lovely choir singing. The whole cathedral was just gorgeous.

{Saks 5th Ave Window Displays and Light Show}

I swear Megan and I watched this light show so many times! It was just crazy and started over every 10 minutes or so. For sure the Saks window displays were my favorite. And right behind it was THE tree.

When I was taking this photo of the tree and the angels I could not stop thinking about Home Alone 2 and the scene where he finds the tree. Was impressed and thought the tree was gorgeous. As for the rink, ice skating isn’t really my thing and thankfully Megan didn’t want to go either!

We slowly trekked our way back to the hotel to defrost (since the temperature was 26, felt like 8, and was super windy) and after warming up a bit, we faced the cold again and headed for Megan’s apartment to meet up with her roommate to then go off to dinner!

We went to a place called Yuca Bar in the East Village and wow was it good! It was a tapas bar with great sangria by the pitcher, all sorts of plates and great music and atmosphere.

Make sure to check back tomorrow to hear about my second day in New York City where we were on the west side!

xx, Chandler

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