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New York City: Day 2

On my second day in New York City we did the west side (kind of). We did the West Village, Chelsea, the Lower East Side and East Village for dinner.

{Video from Snapchat}

Watched snow fall while drank coffee and ate a small pre-breakfast breakfast. It was so beautiful. However it turned to rain shortly after and slush was created all over the sidewalks. This did make it a little tricky while walking all over that day.

We had brunch at this amazing place called Palma. It was absolutely delicious. Like seriously one of the best brunches of the trip. It also sparked me trying to recreate this when I went home! (Still a to-do and not yet attempted.

One of Megan’s favorite places to go, along with the Upper East Side, is the West Village. So we walked around the West Village on our way to Chelsea Market in Chelsea.

Chelsea Market was way cool. It was like an indoor market place with individual vendors, businesses, and restaurants. We grabbed coffee (the trend for the trip) and shopped around the market before heading back to the hotel.

Once back at the hotel we decided a little nap was in order before heading out to our night plans.

After a nice little nap we got up and ready to head out to Attaboy, a speakeasy, but there was a wait so we went across the street to a bar to grab a couple drinks and wait in hopes of getting a call from Attaboy. They finally did call us, sadly a little too late, and just went straight to our dinner destination.

For dinner we went to Root and Bone, a southern comfort restaurant, and it was delicious. They had the best fried chicken I’ve ever had, no joke. However if you are with one other person, and go to Root and Bone, I would advise you to not get 2 half chicken orders like Megan and I did, but to get a full chicken. We also got the brussel sprouts, also amazing.

Hope you are looking for the next day

xx, Chandler

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