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New York City: Day 3

Today we were in Brooklyn!

So on Sunday (the 3rd day in NYC) we went to Brooklyn. For brunch we went to a place called Sunday in Brooklyn. (Convenient I know.) The entire menu all looked delicious but I ordered “Champagne Problems” to drink, which was almost like a mojito but instead of the soda water and rum it was champagne. The drink had berries, orange, mint and champagne. I need to recreate this asap. For food I had the egg and sausage sandwich which had this AMAZING aoili on it. Megan had “The Elvis” which was charred banana, fluff and apple.

Seriously such a cute place to eat!

We then grabbed coffee at Sweethaus since there was a mini rain threat. Sweethaus was a cute cupcake and coffee place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

We then went shopping up and down this main street in Williamsburg. I picked up this adorable hat at a boutique called Pema, a gift for a friend at another boutique and a new ring and stud earrings at a different boutique. The shops here were just adorable.

After we were done walking around Williamsburg, we hopped on the subway to head to Syndicated, a movie, restaurant and bar all in 1. We arrived way before our movie so we managed to get into the movie showing before ours. It was Die Hard, which could be argued as a Christmas movie. We ordered the tater tots during Die Hard and then after we went for our official movie, Home Alone. During Home Alone we ordered, smokey salt popcorn and the ice cream sandwich.

We were so tired that we went back to Megan’s apartment to sleep to prep for my last and final day in New York City.

xx, Chandler

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