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New York City: Day 4

For my last day in NYC, we spent it closer to Megan’s apartment in the Flat Iron District.

For brunch we went to Friend of a Farmer which is all about farm to table food. I got the southwest breakfast burrito and the farmers blood booster fresh juice. Both were amazing and I could tell why this was Megan’s overall favorite place to eat.


We walked around the Flat Iron District through the park and looked at all of the amazing buildings.

While walking around another indoor market, Eataly, in the Flat Iron District, we went up to the rooftop bar which was all decked out for the the winter with an Alpes theme. We grabbed a glass of wine to relax before heading out and walking some more.

After the glass of wine we went shopping at a cute boutique called Bash and Bow near Megan’s apartment. She purchased her Mother’s Christmas present  and we stopped by Rolf’s which is crazy decked out for Christmas from late summer to early summer.

After this we hung out at Megan’s apartment until it was time for me to head off to the airport!

Overall this trip was just amazing. Seriously the best weekend of my life. I have Megan to thank for such an amazing weekend.

I highly recommend going to New York City during the Christmas time!

I am already looking forward to going back soon.

xx, Chandler

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