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Hair Lusts: Drybar

For whatever reason, recently I have been OBSESSED with Drybar. I have been watching hair video after hair video, product video after product video, and just want to try out ALL of their products.

I guess this first started out with me learning (and attempting) to tame my hair while I blow dry it, since it is a little unruly. I have naturally wavy curly hair so blow drying it can either make or break my styling experience.

If I don’t blow dry it straight (as much as possible) and maybe let it air dry (which I never do… I know its bad) my hair will take double the amount of time to style for the week. However if I blow dry it with a brush and make it as straight as I can, my styling time is cut in half.

I know it sounds like nothing, but to me I HATE styling my hair so it really does make the difference.

(Maybe this is what lead me to not wash my hair for so long, and wanting to have it grow… My hatred to styling my hair and drying it.)

ANYWAY so I am obsessed with Drybar at the moment and I am going to share with you all of the products and tools I am lusting over.

(Side note: Some of my favorite videos will be linked below so make sure to check them out!)

So first lets talk tools…

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  1. High Top Self Hold Rollers // Rollers may sound very 1960’s but for me I see them and think, “Volume, volume, volume”. After blow drying your hair (while it is still hot/warm) you can just roll some of your hair into these bad boys and let it cool. When you take it out your hair will be super voluminous. Check out a video on them here! Seriously magical.
  2. The Best Clips Ever // I purchased these since Lauryn from the Skinny Confidential recommended them and use them every time I did my hair. Unfortunately my sisters found out how amazing these were and now they are all missing from my life and maybe now in theirs. So basically I NEED a new set!
  3. Shower Cap // I truly do need a shower cap and here is why… When I am DESPERATE to make sure my hair stays dry when I rinse off I have even gone to such lengths as to put a plastic bag and tie it around my head… Not super effective and definitely not cute.
  4. Baby Travel Hair Dryer // This hair dryer is the cutest! It features ionic technology which increases shine, reduces frizz and decreases the amount of time you spend drying your hair.
  5. The Large Round Brush // You may be wondering, “Why did you put 2 of the same brush on this?”. Well it is not the same brush my a long shot. DryBar has 3 different brush sizes perfect for everyone’s different hair lengths and desired style. Make sure to check out this video to see what size would be best for you!
  6. The Perfect Hair Brush // I am needing a new hairbrush after mine seems to have run away… This one detangles and doesn’t cause breakage.
  7. The Medium Round Brush // From the video linked above, I decided that the “Full Pint” (the medium one) and the “Double Pint” (the large one) would be the best for me. The “Full Pint” for right now would be perfect if I wanted to do straight or curls.
  8. The “Tress Press” Flatiron // Ok first off how cute is the name “Tress Press” for a flat iron?! So cute. So when reading reviews of this I was reading that so many people were returning T3 and GHD tools because they loved these so much! So truly these tools are amazing.
  9. The DryBar Book // So maybe the book is unnecessary when you have watched all of the videos on DryBar’s youtube channel… But still it would be an adorable book to have!
  10. The Value Set // This set is literally what dreams are made of. Since I travel a decent amount (hopefully more this next fall) a travel dryer, tools and products are so key for me. I have put this on so many of my lists this winter season!

And now lets talk products…

{1.// 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10.}

  1. Blonde (Purple) Shampoo // As a gal who has never died her hair before but has brassier, yellow blonde hair, I would love to give purple toning products a try.
  2. Blonde (Purple) Cream // Same with this cream! I think cooler toned more silver blonde hair is just stunning.
  3. Cleansing Shampoo // I love my current shampoo (post here) so much but I love change so I think I will try out this shampoo and conditioner duo out next.
  4. Cleansing Conditioner //I love cleansing shampoos and conditioners because after not washing my hair all week (post about it here) cleaning my hair thoroughly is important when going another week without washing your hair.
  5. Dry Shampoo // I am a lover of a good drugstore dry shampoo but I am always willing to branch out and try new ones too! I’ve heard amazing things about this one and am dying to try out one with a non white spray but also this one here (since its my fave fragrance mentioned here).
  6. Cleansing and Conditioning Foam // I love 2-for-1 products. They make the whole “washing your hair” thing so much faster, and if they work just as well then why not switch up your routine a little bit? My hair hates when I use the same shampoo and conditioner every single week so this product could really help me out.
  7. Hydrating Cream // This product helps add shine to more coarse, thick and textured hair. When my hair air drys, it definitely needs a little shine and calm-ness to tame it.
  8. 3-in-1 Texturizing Spray // I love the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray but I think something like this product from Drybar has the potential for being even better. It offers more bang for your buck. It is a spray that refreshens, adds texture and adds volume.
  9. Shine Cream // My hair is frizzy let me tell you. I let it dry naturally, frizzy, I go out into humid weather, frizzy. This shine cream prevents frizz and tames flyaways (which I for sure have).
  10. Heat Protectant // Whenever you put heat on your hair, using a hair protectant is necessary. It protects your hair from any damage that the heat styling from your blow dryer to your flat iron, curling iron you name it. This product also helps seal split ends and prevents drying, damage and breakage.

Maybe you will now be obsessed with Drybar as much as I am!

xx, Chandler

Ps. You can shop the products below, and watch some of my favorite Drybar videos!

DryBar’s Youtube Channel!

My favorite videos below!

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