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Looking back at 2016…

2016 has been interesting for sure. Do you ever feel like, “wow it is the first of the next month… What did I even do during that last month?” Because that is how I feel about this past year. It is so weird but I honestly  don’t know how I feel about this entire year.

Asking… “Where did it go?”, “What did I even do this year?”, and “Did this year just flash before my eyes and I am feeling exactly how I did last January 1st?”

The answers… I have no clue where it went, I did a couple things this year, and yes, yes this year, along with others, flashed before my eyes and I am yet again watching the ball drop.

So (for my benefit mainly) lets talk about what happened this year in my life…

  1. I launched my blog! Seriously one of the most amazing parts of my year.
  2. Drove across the country to Oregon from school in North Carolina with my dad.
  3. I joined a sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, KO which has seriously been a game changer for me. I love it and highly recommend rushing if you have the opportunity to.
  4. Created a 101 in 1001.
  5. I spent some time in New York City during the Christmas season.
  6. Am planning a day of recruitment with Nicolette.
  7. I turned 21! Woo Mimosas!
  8. Achieved my goal GPA (semester twice and cumulative).
  9. And I am ready for 2016 to be done and to start fresh in 2017.

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 Get ready for a 2017 resolutions post tomorrow!

xx, Chandler

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