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My 2017 Resolutions

Two days ago I was talking with my Aunt, sisters and cousin about what their new years resolutions were. I was feeling a little stumped, a little unmotivated and needed some inspiration.

I could say… “I am going to go to the gym 3 days a week all year” which would be amazing but also the minute you don’t go to the gym that third day during that week, all of a sudden, your entire resolution is done. failed. over.

Anyway so my cousin was trying to answer my question but was using “umms” to prolong her decision process.

My Aunt Darci started telling us that she gave up resolutions a long time ago and now she picks a quote, saying or phrase to set the agenda or create the trend of her actions and decisions in the new year.

(Personally I think this is just genius.)

This year I am trying to only focus on a few  things to complete this year, and I have decided to focus around me.

Putting myself first isn’t first nature to me. (Don’t mind me just being open and blunt with you about this.) I tend to put others first and others needs first than my own. And when I do take time to focus on me, I would much rather watch an episode of Gilmore Girls. Truth.

Later that day when talking to my uncle he asked me what motto I wanted 2017 to have. I didn’t quite have an answer for him on that front but did tell him about the vibe that I wanted the new year to have. I want my 2017 to be a positive year that will be self focused on improving myself mentally, emotionally and physically.

So here is the quote for 2017…

My resolutions for this year are going to be a little different. Usually myself, and other people I am sure, put a resolution like, “run a mile every week” or “eat salads during lunch 5 days of the week”. Honestly I personally am over that way of doing resolutions. If it works for you, go ahead and stick to it. But for me it didn’t work so maybe try doing your resolutions like mine this year or do a motto!

As for resolutions…

  1. My goal for this year is to stay optimistic and positive when it comes to my dreams and goals. If I mess up one day of my past goals I would give up and this year I want to realize…
  2. That imperfection is ok. I am only human. So I shouldn’t give up when I mess up. Keep pushing!

Share with me what your resolutions are!

xx, Chandler

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