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101 in 1001: Update #2

This past December I was able to kick off a few other things on my 101 in 1001 and have many plans on completing more by the day that my 101 in 1001 is done.

26. Visit Grayson at her school // This past October I actually surprised Grayson at school! She knew my parents and little little sister were coming down for her family weekend, but thought that I wasn’t able to come because we couldn’t “reschedule my flight”. So my parents sneak me into her dorm, and they go into her room and start chatting (meanwhile they left the door ajar) so I just knocked and popped my head in. I will say that Grayson and I both started crying and that alone made the trip worth it.

39. Go to NYC // You can read all about the day 1, day 2, day 3 and day 4 that I was there! So many photos that you will feel like you went! You can also check out my must-sees during the holidays in NYC here.

43. Vote in an election // Since I missed the last election just by a little bit I was able to finally vote in the election that took place this past November 2016.

46. Survive my 21st // Oh goodness. My 21st was exactly what I was hoping it would be. Filled with great, caring and kind people, and champagne, mimosas, margaritas and a tequila shot or two.

59. Find the perfect foundation // So I think I finally have been able to bring it down to 2 foundations that I have tried that I believe are the “perfect foundation”. For me it is all based on seasons. During the majority of the year I love the Dior Airflash (I wrote all about it here). However in the summer and while it is sunnier out, I love the It cosmetics CC cream. (Especially the illumination one! Read about it here.)

75. Go shopping in NYC // You can read about my day here!

76. Visit the tree in Rockafeller Center // you can see and read all about my experience here! And check out my holiday must-sees while in NYC here.

82. Buy a new Free People bralette // I purchased this gorgeous nude halter one and I am obsessed! Check it out here!

Hopefully I will have another update for you in a few months!

xx, Chandler

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