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Currently Obsessed: Happiness Planner

{Pens // Crystals // Fitness Tracker // Planner // Phone Case}

I am all about this Happiness Planner.

Seriously it is right up the “New Year, New Me”, beginning of 2017 and my 2017 motto alley.

(You can read my 2017 Resolutions post here.)

If you read that post you would know that my motto for 2017 is:

“Turn your Can’ts into Cans and your Dreams into Plans”.

(Make sure to read my resolutions post to learn more about the motto vs resolutions I am doing this new year.)

Anyway I am all about self improvement this year mentally, emotionally, physically, internally and externally.

This Happiness Planner is a step in the right direction for me and my resolutions. You start with what makes you happy, what makes you mad or sad, and what you can do to some and what is out of your hands. After this part you start on the daily journaling.

Every single day (for 100 days or so) you talk about your to-do’s, goals, exercise, eating, feelings for each day and by the end you hopefully will be doing more of what makes you happy.

The overall goal of the journal/planner to bring more joy, happiness, positive thinking, mindfulness, gratitude and self development into your life.

I don’t use this as my planner for school, but I do fill it out in the morning and evening based on what I need to do in the day and what I did during the day to plan and reflect every single day.

So far I have noticed that I am doing more of what I love and less of what makes me unhappy. You can do this without this planner but the layout makes it so easy for you to write out and see what is positive and negative according to you in your life and what you can do about it!

{Pens // Crystals // Fitness Tracker // Planner // Phone Case}

I love journals in general whether they are blank, prompted or anything and this one is probably one of my favorites!

(It also comes in more colors if pink isn’t your thing!)

Make sure to check out the Happiness Planner, try it out and see how you might be able to change over 100 days.

xx, Chandler

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