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Creating my Dream Sorority Recruitment Day

“When you wish upon a star, an Alpha Chi is what you are”

This is the theme that my co-day chair, Nicolette, and I chose when designing the first day of formal recruitment: Sisterhood.

Now we didn’t have any banner that said that theme straight up but instead we went for the feeling. We used that theme for the colors, decorations, and set up that we were going for.

Think Cinderella. Blues, silvers, whites, magical, sparkly, whimsical.

That is what we went for.

Overall it turned out so amazing that other people outside of our Sorority thought we hired someone to decorate our house. I personally was told numerous times that our decorations looked amazing and honestly I am overjoyed on how it turned out.

But this couldn’t have been completed without the help of all of my amazing sisters that spent hours and hours glittering, folding, cutting, hammering, and leveling everything. Sisters worked on our gold wall, sisters purchased more tissue paper, sisters folded and cut thousands of sheets of tissue paper, measured and leveled letters and slaved over the ceiling.

Everything was what we dreamed it could be and creating this day for recruitment was an amazing experience.

xx, Chandler

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