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Let’s Talk… Green Superfood Powder

Today we are going to get down and dirty with the green. Green superfood powder that is.

Ok. Let’s talk about the Organifi Green Superfood Powder.

My beautiful Aunt Darci, who introduced the detox to me and generously purchased many items to help me along the journey, purchased this powder for me since she enjoys the taste and benefits the powder brings.

(Just so you know, a detox post is coming soon…)

So what is this powder? //  What is in it? // What are the benefits?

These are all valid questions so lets just jump in.

What is this powder? : This powder is a way for someone who is constantly running around, busy or someone who needs to get all their nutrients in but maybe is struggling. What this powder basically is, is green juice in a powder that you can mix with water, your favorite milk (or milk alternative) and you can put it in a smoothie. It takes the hassle, time and money out of juicing, buying juices and getting all your nutrients in.

What is in it? : All green goodness is in it. It contains chlorella (high in protein), moringa (an essential amino acid), spirulina (a plant protein with iron and calcium), mint, beets, matcha green tea, wheatgrass, ashwagandha (helps your body regulate stress), turmeric (full of antioxidants), lemon (alkalizes the body) and coconut water (which is high in potassium). If you want to read all of the benefits of these ingredients check it out here.

What are the benefits? : It hydrates, revitalizes, balances hormones naturally, boosts immune function, supports mental clarity, alkalizes to help with stress, and is filled with straight up goodness. It also detoxifies your body, promotes healthier skin, nails and hair, and just overall saves your time.

Just in case you were wondering the powder is gluten free, vegan, no soy and non-gmo.

My favorite way to drink this is either in a smoothie or with almond milk. (Shaken not stirred.)

It just takes the fuss and the mess out of getting nutrients. Make sure to give it a try and you will feel the difference.

xx, Chandler

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