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Bid Day, Best Day

“All Around the World with Alpha Chi”

Bid Day being this past Saturday brought my entire first year in Alpha Chi full circle.

This is just a little appreciation post for all of my sisters and the gals that I am lucky enough to call friends. (S/O to the best group, Sam, Kate, Alex and Emma.)

It has been so surreal, this entire recruitment process, and all of our hard work paid off when 61 new sisters came home.

All of the hard work that we put in, on our side of recruitment, was tedious, sometimes testing, but was well worth it.

We glittered-up, tied our flannels, and spent the day taking pictures outside of the house and at an airplane hanger!

I am glad to finally be able to chill, not have daily work to do and finally getting a decent night sleep.

zzz, Chandler

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