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Let’s Talk… Gut Detox

A Gut Detox. What is this detox that I have been on for the past 3 weeks, 21 days or so? I’ve mentioned it before here and there in other posts but what is it?

Grab a drink because this one is a little longer than normal and…

Let’s talk.

First you might want to know what this detox is, the purpose, and how it works briefly.

Let’s break it down.

| What is this detox? | 

This detox looks to kill off the bad bacteria in your gut. You basically are eating less sugar, more whole foods, organic greens, grass-fed meat and other wholesome foods. You want to be eating the best food you can, meaning finding organic, grass-fed, minimal ingredient, low sugar foods.

The detox focuses on “your relationship with food and how your body and metabolism respond to the food you eat will shift. You will have more energy, better mood, improved sleep, less gastrointestinal stress, and lose weight among other benefits” (Yule).

| There are levels of the detox? What are they and what do they mean? | 

You choose a level, 1, 2 or 3, where each you give up different items in exchange for others. For example, level 1 isn’t much of a change, just overall healthier eating. Level 2 is mainly greens and protein, no fruit, and this is the level my Aunt Darci and I did. Level 3 is similar to level 2 however you have to give up certain things to eat others. For example you give up nightshades and eggs in exchange for some fruits.

You decide your level based on what you already eat. If the bulk of the “can eat” foods are already in your diet then you choose accordingly.

If you are wondering, “what can I eat with minimal food options?”, some of my favorite meals were zoodles, any protein, chicken, ground beef, meatballs, pasta sauce and a side salad. I also loved having scrambled eggs all the time with onion, turkey sausage, and spinach.

The best prep and serve meal was for sure the shepherds pie that was cauliflower instead of potatoes on top!


| The purpose of this detox… | 

To kill off all of the bad bacteria in your gut. “Your gut houses 70-80%of your immune system [and] is also known as your ‘second-brain’… If your gut is not healthy, then you are not healthy, PERIOD”

Part of doing a detox/elimination diet is to identify foods that you are eating that could be the cause of chronic health and weight problems. Food allergies can cause: bloating, food cravings, reflux, trouble sleeping, autoimmune disorders, weight gain, fluid retention, fatigue, brain fog, irritable bowel syndrome, mood problems, headaches, sinus and nasal congestion, joint pains, acne, eczema, and more.

We develop food allergies when the lining of our gut and the balance of normal gut flora get damaged from poor diet, stress, medications, infections, or toxins. This is referred to as leaky gut.

| How did I hear about this detox? | 

Answer: My Aunt Darci actually did this detox initially in August/September, for the 21 days, however she stayed on it and for another month and continued seeing the results that sparked an interest and passion in gut health.

I thought it might be fun to ask her a couple questions and to talk about her experience before I get to mine.

–For more information make sure to check out the Gut Detox, by Janelle and Justin Yule here.

| Aunt Darci, I am so glad to have you talking about something you are passionate about on my blog today! Tell us a little about yourself, your lifestyle before the detox and your life now post detox? | 

DS: I just turned 51 and keep very busy.  But despite eating good quality food (mostly organic, no frozen, canned or processed foods) I constantly felt tired, my muscles fatigued and had trouble sleeping through the night.  I don’t eat fast food and don’t drink sodas regularly or consume “diet” foods.  So it didn’t make sense.

| How did you find out about this detox? | 

DS: My friend and her husband were going to do it.  They found out about it through their personal trainer.  The trainer set up a FB group and everyone started on the same day.

| What made you want to do this detox? | 

DS: I just reached a point in my life where I wanted my vitality back!  I was diagnosed as having Adrenal Fatigue and low hormone levels and all of the research I found suggested dietary changes would help.  I finally decided that I could anything for 21 days.  I figured, I had eaten everything I wanted for years and that hadn’t made me happy or healthy, so why not try this?

| Is this detox something that someone who is super busy, running around all day, a college student, a mom, will be able to do and complete? | 

DS: Yes, I believe it can work.  It takes a little planning but if you realize you can have any organic non-starchy vegetables and organic free-range or grass fed animal protein, it makes it easier.  I made my own salad dressing and carried it with me.  You can find salad and chicken anywhere.  I also found a few protein bars and protein powders that had no gluten, soy, dairy and no more than 8-10 grams of sugar.  That really helped when I couldn’t find food.  I tried to keep a roasted chicken cut into pieces in my refrigerator so I could grab a few pieces and eat them on the way out of the door.  A few nuts and pre-measured protein powder in my purse also helped.  I could mix up a quick shake if I couldn’t find the right kind of food.

| What have been the biggest revelations you’ve experienced during and since the detox | 
DS:  I never realized how many carbs I ate. When I took out the carbs and added nutrient dense foods I quit having cravings.  I also never felt “Hungry” just depleted if I needed food.  My muscles felt revived and I felt stronger and more energetic.  I also learned to love detox baths.  I did them daily at first with baking soda, epsom salts and essential oils.  I do them a couple of times a week now.

| Thank you for 1.) showing me this detox, 2.) supporting me along the journey and 3.) doing this little interview for this gut detox post! | 

DS: When you feel so good after just 21 days, you want everyone to feel the same way.  I love you!

As for my personal experience with the detox, I wasn’t as tired as my Aunt was when she was starting off. When the bad bacteria is dying you have cravings, and your body, with the changes goes through a period of lethargic-ness. Basically where you don’t want to do anything unnecessary. Her gut health however was probably much worse off than mine was since she is older than I am, which may have made her symptoms worse, but of course this is just speculation. I did however have more cravings which were curbed by glutamine pills that I took everyday. The Yule’s suggest this as an option for those dealing with cravings.

At the end of the detox, I overall lost 14 inches all over my body and 11 pounds. I did do pre and post measurements and am very happy at these results.

For me mainly it was about being released from my cravings. I had crazy cravings and I was a loyal boredom eater. For me when someone asks if I want to go to Cookout I don’t feel a NEED for a milkshake. The same can be said with any food. The only cravings I have are for GREENS. Salads, green juices, etc. These I do try to find and cure because my body is craving nutrients.

For those who are interested in trying out this Gut Detox, the 21 Day Detox challenge by Janelle and Justin Yule, can be purchased here. It is totally worth it! It is only $21. Think of that as $1 a day for the entire detox duration. It is worth it. You can also learn more about it here.

I hope you enjoyed! If you have any questions, leave them below and I will answer!

xx, Chandler

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