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So I went to my 1st Pure Barre Class…

At the Pure Barre Studio near my school, to start of 2017 with a bang, they were offering the deal of a lifetime.

20 days of unlimited classes for $17. Crazy I know right?!

And after hearing Sam McNeil, creator and writer of SamanthaMcNeil.com (check out her blog it is perfection), rave about Pure Barre, I knew I had to do it.

So after recruitment (post about it here and here) and all the craziness that went along with it ended, I decided it was time to settle down and focus on me a little bit.

So my Pure Barre journey started…

And let me tell you. I was in shock at how weak I was.

I’m not the strongest person I know but it’s not like I have zero muscle either.

The only other Barre class I had been to was one at my gym back home. And that even was less intense than the class I attended on Monday.

Anyway so I went into the studio (so cute) and bought a pair of socks. Light pink to be exact. So Chandler and Something Blissful, I know.

The lady at the front desk said I didn’t NEED them but considering that I am uncoordinated and a klutz as is, I felt like the socks were a must.

I read this to just see what I should know about the first class in regards to what to wear, what to bring and how early to arrive since I did have to fill out some papers.

When I officially went in for class, a lady helped me out with grabbing everything I needed. Seriously so sweet.

Then the lady who was teaching the class (and who owns the studio) came over and talked to me about being new to Pure Barre. She told me it usually takes like 4-7 classes to get used to it and that she was excited to have me in the class and in the studio.

From the 2 classes I have been to so far, all different parts of my body are sore, have felt the burn when you are tucking in class and all the movements you do in the class are completely targeted. You work on abs, butt, legs an whatever else the instructor wants to target that day.

So far I LOVE Pure Barre. I am becoming a Pure Barre convert.

I will do a post after my 20 days are up!

xx, Chandler


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