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Let’s Talk… Quotes. My Fave Quote To Be Specific

Earlier today (sunday) my roommate and I went to a nearby coffee shop after we had been there the weekend before and had a deep chat. We came up with the idea to go every sunday to talk about our week, our goals for that week and for the rest of the semester.

For whatever reason it really got me excited for my goals and to be a total girl boss and kill the rest of my semester AND to reach my goals!

Anyway it inspired me to get focused and reinspired.

So I thought I would talk about something dear to me, my favorite quote that helps me stay positive.

La Vie En Rose

The first time I heard the saying “La Vie En Rose” in the movie Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn. (It is one of my all time favorite movies.)

Some of the translations are, “Life in Pink”, “Life through Rose Colored Glasses”, “Life in Rosy Hues”.

I love what it means for me. “Life through Rose Colored Glasses”. I interpret it as how you should see the world through rose colored glasses so the world is pink. To stay positive. Many people identify this state of a person in love, but I find that it is a quote that I try to embody by seeing the world in a positive light.

La Vie En Rose is, “The idea to depict a state where everything appears rosy and cheerful to you. It’s about a state of bliss when everything around you is a source of joy. This is the kind of state you are usually in when you are deeply in love.”

“The idea is to be idealistic or naive, thinking that life is perfect and everything will be fine. A metaphorical translation could be ‘projecting your inner happiness all around you'”.

Make sure to listen to my favorite rendition of the song by Louis Armstrong here. AND check out my 2017 Motto here.

Also make sure to let me know what your favorite quote is!

xx, Chandler

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