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Big | Little

What has been consuming my life? Big Little.

What have I been doing? Big Little.

What else do I do during my day? Literally nothing besides Big Little (and a little homework).

Do I spend hours everyday crafting? Yes, for Big Little. (12 to be exact on one weekend day.)

Do I make crafts for not just my little? Yes because I am low key a perfectionist and OCD like that. (Can’t let bad looking crafts be given out!)

How many shirts am I giving my little? No clue, probably too many.

Am I even close to done? Yes and no. Reveal was yesterday and I still have a few more things to do.

Do I have to do life besides crafting? Yes but while I do that all I can think about is crafting and how much I have left to do.

So as you can see my life has not been dedicated to my blog but really has been dedicated to my most perfect little.

I literally have been slaving over her crafts (that you will see in a bit) in excitement for THE day. Big Little reveal day to be exact.

So let me show you everything I gave my perfect little!

Day 1: Favorite Things 

Today was the day that we gave them all of their favorite things! My little loves yellow so yellow carnations were necessary, hot Cheetos, chocolate covered espresso beans, lemonade, strawberries, a chipotle picture frame, cookies, candle, moscato and a canvas with her favorite quote and two shirts. Oh and a Sweet Josephines cupcake.

Day 2: Happy Box

Yay happy box day! I spent so much time on her little happy box! Over 24 hours in total. So here are all of the sides! She loves purple so I chose to have a purple, white, black and gold theme.

Day 3: All Things Alpha Chi 

Today I gave her initial letters with gold doodles all over them, a candle with a meaningful saying for our sorority, a few philanthropy event shirts, a canvas, pin box and other Alpha Chi things.

Reveal: I Made That Big Famous 

My family chose to have a big/little theme! We decided to have it be Kanye West/Pablo themed. It turned out so cute. We were blasting famous by Kanye all day.

Today in her basket I put the majority of all her things. Mirrored letters (which turned out amazing!) So many canvases, a log with our family tree on it, shirts galore, a blanket and other cute things.

My little is perfect and I could not imagine the day being any better than it was.

xx, Chandler

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