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Spring Break Necessities

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Spring Break 2k17. I’m ready for you.

This year, 2017, and this semester is just a little crazy. What sounds amazing is not doing anything for a week.

Since many people go to sunny, warm places for spring break, I came up with a list of necessities for that type of vacation.

I have your laying on a beach or by a pool needs covered with my favorite products and items for a week of bliss.

As of right now my plan for spring break involves going down to Myrtle Beach. (Hopefully.) Right now I am 90% sure I am but who knows. With how life seems to be going right now, anything is possible.

So let’s talk some of my picks.

1. & 10. // Arie Super Scoop One Piece Swimsuit : Ok so I just went into an AE/Arie store and tried this swimsuit on. I purchased it right away. It is SOOO flattering for all body types with the cut of the sides, back and hips. I purchased the black one! And it was only $35 AND the quality actually feels pretty nice for the price.

5. & 6. // Loving Tan Self Tanner in Dark and Bronze Lotion : This is my ride or die self tanner! Being a fair gal I love having a self tan on. For whatever reason it just gives me a boost of confidence and makes makeup a little easier. From this post, this post and this post, you can see my struggle finding something fair enough. But the Loving Tan self-tan just is the best in my opinion. It lasts a week but more importantly it fades evenly.

 2. & 9. // Quay Sunglasses : Style Gemini and Vivienne : theseI personally don’t own these sunglasses, I actually have and LOVE them! I love the styles that Quay offers.

3. // A Good Sunhat : If you read this post you would know why I love love love this hat! Plus I am a huge fan of hats, really all hats but I love them to keep the sun off of my face. The sun ages you and I would prefer not to look 60 when I’m 40.

4. // A Cute Pool Floaty : If you’re going anywhere where there will be a pool or the ocean you need this! You will be able to channel your inner Taylor Swift.

7. // The Product For Perfectly Beachy Hair : Ok picture this. You’re fresh out of the pool, hair is air drying, and you spray some of this product in your hair as it drys. Serious beach waves without the crunch.

8. // Cruelty-Free, Green, Organic Sunscreen : I love a good SPF. I also love vitamin D but I would also like to not be a lobster. So I love a good sunscreen that isn’t crazy high in SPF but I do love when it smells good!

What are your spring break must haves?! Let me know below!

xx, Chandler

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