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Pure Barre: After the 20 days

If you’ve already read this post (about my first ever Pure Barre class) you are probably wondering where the sequel is.

Don’t fret any longer because I have it here for you!

First let’s start with how after the first class went. Well the first two to be exact.

After the first two I was so sore I had to take like 3 days off. My abs were so sore it hurt to laugh and my butt was sore too. Stairs were not fun during this time.

Anyways so I started going to more classes (pretty much every weekday) and class by class I fell in love.

The workouts didn’t make me feel like I wanted to quit halfway through. They also didn’t feel like an hour long.

I felt and embraced the shake and felt rejuvenated after every class ready to eat well and take on the day.

After the end of the 20 days, I had completed enough classes to get a free pair of sticky socks!

Seriously a blessing because my pair were getting a little unappealing looking.

Before my package was even over, I low key begged my dad, (this was Valentines day) to support me and buy the 2 month unlimited package for me.

And guess what!?

He did! Seriously a huge shout out to my Dad for always pushing me and supporting me when I need (and want) it the most.

So after taking a week off (because of school and big little things) I went back and took a regular Pure Barre class and platform class.

I LOVE the platform classes. It is the cardio version of a Pure Barre class.

I will admit its a little different than the regular classes but is enjoyable just the same.

Everyone is sweating a little more and hearts are pumping a little faster.

Now after spring break I am working on my Sunday reset.

I already have classes scheduled for the next couple weeks and am so pumped for my “Breaking Down the Barre” class today.

This Sunday reset business will be a whole different post for a different time but it is one of my favorite parts of the weekend!

I hope you’re having a good Sunday.

xx, Chandler

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