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Spring Break 2017: Myrtle Beach, SC

Over spring break I went to Myrtle Beach (in my opinion dirty myrtle isn’t that far off from reality, I’m sorry) however I stayed south in Surfside Beach. Surfside beach was definitely the way to go.

We were in walking distance from one of the house faves, “The Caf”, bars, shops and across the street from the beach.

I stayed in “The Pump House” with a total of 14 people that I didn’t or barely know.

I’m lucky that it actually ended up working out and we didn’t all want to kill each other.

It was myself, my best friend Ariana, her friend from home, Carly, and all of Carly’s business fraternity brothers that go to James Madison University.

It was a packed house but we had just so much fun.

We were lucky to have decent to good weather the entire trip and we even were able to sneak out for a day and go to Charleston, SC.

As a house, we, had some interesting stories for sure, some vomit moments, so many games, and lots of laughs.

One night we had people over and dollar bills were being thrown in the air, another we had other people over who ended up falling asleep on our couch, we barely knew them, we had someone who was breaking her probation, oh the things you learn after they leave, and had a few pointless uber rides.

It was an interesting week but one that I was glad I went on.

Here are some highlights from snapchat:

Ultimately it was fun to have an official “college” spring break for once.

xx, Chandler

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