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I know I know, these posts are probably getting to be a little much.

But honestly the obsession with Village Juice Co. is real.

I mean look at that food/health porn right there.

So let’s talk about what I got today.

It’s called the “Blue Majik”.

In the smoothie part of the bowl itself it has almond butter, blue majik, almond milk, dates and bananas. I decided to add some collagen into the smoothie itself. I LOVE collagen. We will talk about this another time.

On top it came with mango, coconut, bananas and strawberries. And off to the side that I added additional was bee pollen! I don’t know I just love the texture that bee pollen gives bowls. Along with that it has many benefits.

Does bee pollen seem familiar on SB? The answer is yes! I talked a little about it in this post.

I love this bowl. It wasn’t super fruity at all, but I wouldn’t say bland either, it was sweet and kind of reminded me of the vanilla ice cream of smoothie bowls. The blue color made it extra fun visually. Super yummy and cured my little fruit craving.

Still on the lust list from Village Juice Co.: Village Cobb and one of their amazing juices!

xx, Chandler

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