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101 in 1001: Update #3

WOWowow. 2017 has been GOING. That is for sure. So let’s talk about what other 101 in 1001 things I have checked off the list.

Remember slow and steady wins the race? Maybe? No? Ok let’s get back to it:

11. Travel to a bucket list city // I have always wanted to go to NYC and I went this past December! Check out my posts from the trip listed out by days here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4. And you can check out the highlights during Christmas time here.

12. Get an oil diffuser // I will hopefully do a post all about essential oils that I love along with my diffuser soon! It was an amazing gift from my Aunt Darci. Seriously I use it every single night with lavender to calm me down.

20. Find an exercise I love // Pure Barre! Read all about my love here and here!

34. Take a Little // You probably saw it all in my Big Little Reveal post but honestly was such a highlight of this semester. I have wanted to have a little since I came into college and was finally blessed with my lovely little one.

40. Go to a Barre Class // You can read all about my Barre experience on the first day, here, and after 20 days of classes, here.

45. Get a job while at school // I got a job this spring as an OA, aka office assistant. Basically I sit in a building for 4 hours on Monday’s and every 4th Thursday and answer any calls from security etc. regarding people who can’t get into their room, noise complaints, all that jazz.

51. Do not drink coffee for 2 weeks // During the gut cleanse I wasn’t allowed to have any caffeine at all, this included coffee obviously, and I actually loved it! I didn’t feel like I needed coffee after the first few days and even now I opt for tea or matcha. Only occasionally will I have coffee drinks.

58. Unsubscribe all unnecessary emails // This one was a big one for me but seriously it was a game changer. I was so use to checking my email 5-6 times a day minimum to clear out all of my emails. Now I only have emails from necessary companies! Such a blessing.

100. Do a gut cleanse // You can read all about it here! Seriously such an amazing experience. I HIGHLY recommend. I’m excited to do it again in May!

xx, Chandler

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