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Woot! Another Village Juice Co. post!

Does it feel like you have been here with me every single time?

Do you feel like you’ve tried the entire menu?

Because there is still so much left to try!

So today I went the toast and smoothie route.

For the smoothie I got the “Mocha-nana”. Which is cold brew coffee, housemade almond milk, banana, organic date, and organic cacao.

To be completely honest, the smoothie wasn’t my favorite. But now I know not to get it again? right? It just wan’t very cold-brew-y, more bitter cacao and wasn’t as sweet from the dates and banana that I was hoping.

Now toast time!

I got the ever so fruity “Nut Butter and Banana” toast! It had homemade cashew butter on it along with banana and strawberry with a honey drizzle over top.

The thing about their toasts is I love the bread. It is so good. and the banana and strawberry and honey balanced out the non-sweetness of the bread and cashew butter.

If you go and maybe don’t love yourself a TON of cashew butter piled on I would recommend asking for a less than normal amount of cashew butter on the toast. At times it was a little much and over powering but still delicious.

As you know, still on my list is the Village cobb… one day.

xx, Chandler

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