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Talking Everything Yoga with Caitlin Pickett

Today on the blog I have Caitlin Pickett! Caitlin is a yoga instructor who went on this amazing trip to Bali  to attend an intensive yoga teacher training and is now a certified yoga instructor.

We originally met at the CC x TSC webinar and have been talking about an interview for a while now.

So today, here she is! We are talking yoga, her business, and her recent Bali trip.

How this post is going to be laid out is the interview with Caitlin, then my personal thoughts on our 1-on-1 yoga session went and then a little present for you!

So without further ado… let’s get into the interview!

| Hi Caitlin! Welcome to my blog! I would love for you to introduce yourself. |

CP: Hi! Thanks for having me, I’m happy to be on Something Blissful today! I’m also a blogger focusing primarily on yoga/wellness and some travel. I made the journey to Bali, Indonesia last year to get my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training and since returning to Canada I’ve been offering private Virtual Yoga sessions online to people anywhere in the world!

| How did you initially get into yoga? |

CP: About 5 years ago a hot yoga studio opened next to my workplace so I signed up for their 30 day challenge and started going four times a week. It became something special that I did solely for myself, an escape from the unhappy life I was living. I loved the way I felt walking out of the studio after a 90 minute class, I felt like a million bucks! Since then I’ve changed careers, left a long term relationship and moved provinces over but yoga has remained a staple in my life. My full time job has me moving around a lot but I maintain a strong core home practice.

| You recently got back from Bali, tell us about it. |

CP: Oh, wow! Bali is pure magic. I seriously rave about it all the time and encourage everyone to make a trip there at least once! I was in Bali for 5 weeks and could have stayed for another 5. The people are so kind and generous, so content with what they have and they value their families more than we do here in the west. The scenery is spectacular! The plants and gardens are so green and lush. My retreat was in the middle of the jungle, the noises from the insects and wildlife became quite comforting. I could go on and on about Bali and all the things I did but I did a whole series on it on my blog: here.

| Did your Bali trip and yoga training change your anything about your practice? |

CP: My Yoga Teacher Training revitalized and re-energized my practice. It made me become even more committed to my home practice and taught me to slow down and really FEEL the effects of each posture. Rather than rushing through from one asana to the next I really try to sit within each pose and breathe into it. I learnt so much in those weeks but still have barely scratched the surface of all that is yoga and it’s benefits.

| Now that you’re back, you’re doing online virtual yoga session. How does this differ than a yoga class you would take at a studio, a gym or do at home? |

CP: Yes, I am! Well Virtual Yoga is very different than taking a class at a studio or gym because it’s in the comfort of your own home. On those days where you just don’t want to leave the house or it’s too cold outside (I live in Canada so this is a valid excuse to stay indoors haha) you can just roll out your mat in you living room and get your OMM on with me! Virtual Yoga is different than following along with a video because I’m right there instructing you, making corrections if your form is off and encouraging you to go deeper in real time! I create a custom plan for you and only you that is curated to your goals and limitations and you can stop and ask me questions any time. [Check it out here.]

| What benefits does yoga provide an individual in general? Why should everyone be doing yoga? |

CP: So, so many! I truly believe yoga is for everybody and every body. It can help physically by loosening tight muscles, soothing aches and pains, increasing flexibility and getting in a good workout! Yoga can also help mentally by training the mind to slow down and focus on the breath, relieving stress. It helps with anxiety, insomnia, opening up emotionally, self confidence, the list goes on and on!

| What would you say the difference is between Hatha yoga and other types of yoga? Is it more beneficial? Just different overall? |

CP: There are so many different types of yoga in the world today, I encourage people to go out and try a bunch of styles, find what works for you and your body! Ha stands for Sun and Tha for Moon in Sanskrit (yoga language) so Hatha Yoga is about uniting polarities. It combines body and breath together to create a physical practice. Most Hatha Yoga classes are consisted of 26 postures that are held a bit longer with moments of self reflection in between. I personally think Hatha is great for beginners to learn the building block poses of their practice.

| Has yoga changed your life? |

CP: I think yoga inserted itself in my life at a time in need. A time where I was figuring out who I was and what I was all about! I am still learning all of that of course haha but yoga has become an integral part of my life. I practice largely for my mind so I believe yoga has helped shape me and plays a big role in my demeanor. It’s something I will be involved with until my time here runs out!

| What would you like my readers to know about you, yoga and your virtual yoga sessions? |

CP: I’d just like to encourage anyone who hasn’t taken a class to do so, or read a book on the topic. There are so many limbs to yoga and so many styles of classes I’m sure there will be a strain that fits with you. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions! I love to chat about all things yoga and will be your number one fan!

| Thank you so much for coming onto the blog and talking about your passions and business! |

CP: Thank YOU so much Chandler! I had so much fun answering these questions, thank you for having me!

Now let’s talk about my 1-on-1 session experience…

I was a little hesitant because I had no idea what to expect. Were we going to be doing yoga together? Could I watch her to the moves or was she just going to be verbally instructing me? Was I going to enjoy this session? Is it any different to any other yoga class I’ve taken? etc.

Before the session began I filled out an application talking about my goals with this practice, what I do now, what I have done yoga wise and just other little details about myself.

From that application, Caitlin created a sequence of poses to best suit my wants and needs. Since I am basically a beginner on yoga terms, she chose poses that would be a good start to my yoga journey.

Once in the session she briefly talked about her yoga journey, and then we got straight into it. She chose poses that mainly focused on relaxation and helping my mind calm down. Basically to help me focus in and get an hour of me time. To answer my many questions I had before, she did the poses with me but also talked me through one to protect my neck and back. She would also pause her doing the poses to check out my form to make sure I was doing them correctly.

We flowed from pose to pose after stretching. Some of my favorite poses included: Janu Shirshasana (head to knee pose) and Setu Bandhasana (bridge pose).

After the poses she had me go into Savasana aka corpse pose. She walked me through a guided meditation sequence that helped me relax like crazy.

If you’ve ever seen the shirts that say “I’m only here for the Savasana” I truly understand. It was crazy amazing. It felt like the world stopped.

After the session, and chatting with Caitlin a bit, we said our goodbye’s and I started working on this post!

The day after our session she sent me cards with the poses that we did together with step by step instructions on how to do them. Super helpful for when I want to practice those poses again!

My final thoughts: I loved the session with Caitlin and am hoping to do another one soon! It was a different but refreshing experience. She really made me feel comfortable and helped me appreciate yoga more.

I highly recommend trying out the Virtual Yoga Sessions.

Check out below for a little gift!

Caitlin wants to offer you (the readers of Something Blissful) a little gift!

She is offering 20% off her Virtual Yoga Packages! This gift has an unlimited redemption period so make sure to use it anytime or all the time! Check it out here.

To redeem this discount all you have to do is mention Something Blissful in the application form!

Also if you subscribe to her newsletter you will get 1 Free Virtual Yoga Session!

I know I personally will be trying to work more yoga into my week and Caitlin, I feel, is the best option and source for this with me being super busy all the time.

xx, Chandler

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