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{Photo cred: Nicolette}

So picture this:

Sheet marks imprinted on my face because I was sleeping so heavy, my alarm clock goes off, I have lost an hour of sleep, haven’t really slept all week because I was sharing a king bed with 2 other girls and this is the first night I’ve been able to sprawl, I wake up like I just got one hour of sleep after pulling an all nighter. And my roommate, Nicolette, and I made plans to wake up at 9:15 to do our Sunday reset at Village Juice Co.

Maybe not the most ideal way to start a Sunday reset… But that literally was me on Sunday morning.

Anyway, I drive us to Village Juice Co. after dragging myself out of bed and putting on makeup on my face that is 6 shades lighter than my body (living that spring break fake tan life) and piling on clothes since we wake up and snow is falling from the sky.

100% real.

Village Juice Co. was exactly what I needed after all of that.

So I decided to splurge. Guess what I got!?

Not the Village Cobb that has had my eye since day 1 that’s what.

I got this amazing juice!

The “Coolcumber”.

So so so yummy. Cucumber, apple, honeydew, kale, lemon and mint. So refreshing.

Seriously it was everything I needed to refresh myself after my 5 year slumber.

If you go to Village Juice Co. you HAVE to get this juice!

I also got the bacon, tomato, basil toast with an egg on it! All of that goodness is on amazing bread and smashed avocado.

I got this on my first visit to Village Juice Co. But it was exactly what I needed for my savory and breakfast needs.

Then Nicolette and I did our Sunday reset.

A post on it soon!

Check out my Insta/Snapchat story from breakfast!

xx, Chandler

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