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This & That | Philanthropy Weekend

Recently, at the end of March, my sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, had our sisterhood retreat and kicked off our philanthropy week.

The beautiful Mal, planned out this entire day for us to bond as a sisterhood, eat food (a fave), and of course take cute pictures and film.

When we got there, there was food being grilled and all sisters had to bring something. My beautiful family, (pictured below) kind of failed and messed up timing to make cookies so we stopped off and bought cookies. Those cookies that are kind of white and have the thick frosting aka the best cookies you can buy at the grocery store.

After eating we wrote cute little notes and put them into mason jars for every girl in our sorority that is our friend, ever did something nice, or just because. Honestly such a pick me up  to get little appreciation notes from sisters.

Since this was on a lake, we had to take pictures on the dock, and more in the forest-y part.

The next day my sorority held our annual Spiking Domestic Violence Away volleyball tournament.

We were able to cheer on other sorority and fraternity teams that entered to help support the fight against domestic violence.

xx, Chandler


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