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This & That | Formal

This past weekend was the our Alpha Chi spring formal!

My little, Tilley, and I both wore black dresses, pictured above.

For my outfit…

I decided to go with a simple black dress, black nail polish on my fingers and toes, black shoes and a black hair detail.

I was feeling a little edgy and decided to pull inspiration from Kim Kardashian and others before her, on using bobby pins as a hair detail/accessory.

I just really love how it all came together.

My lovely friend and fellow blogger Sam, killed the jumpsuit game. Check out her blog here!

She did a post (here) talking briefly about formal!

Honestly the candids from formal where just too good not to put anywhere and to keep hidden on my camera roll.

As for my date, I brought one of my best friends named Sarah.

We actually switched roles a little in the sense that she always wears black, and I usually wear a mix of black and white.

It was such a fun formal thanks to by beautiful family.

You can check out last year’s spring formal post here.

xx, Chandler


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