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Cute Caudalie Sets

One of my least favorite moments is when you go to put on your daily face moisturizer and the entire jar has disappeared.

All of a sudden I now have only a few days until I completely run out and until I have to resort to my night moisturizer during the day. Messy, oily and thick. (Don’t get me wrong. I love this type of moisturizer for when I am going to be sleeping.)

Not ideal.

So I quickly shot over a text to my friend, oily skin sister, and fellow blogger, Sam, writer of SamanthaMcNeil.com, and asked her to give me some sort of clue on what to buy to fix this newly discovered problem.

(One of my downfalls is I live for trying out new things, so I am always looking for recommendations on the best product out there. I’m working on it.)

She suggested a toner (one that I will definitely purchase for the summer when my oily skin is showing via the sweat and glow during the hot summer days) and a moisturizer. Check out her posts on this holy grail moisturizer here and here. Also check out her post on the toner here.

I tried out the Caudalie moisturizer during August or September, by redeeming some Sephora points for some trial sizes. Ultimately I completely forgot how much I did like this moisturizer and when she told me how this is the only thing she uses, I knew it was fait and I went searching.

I found this set on Sephora, but kept looking because I wasn’t in need of a new facial spray and couldn’t justify the price for something I didn’t need. But I loved the container so much I wasn’t going to give up and just buy the moisturizer like anybody else. No. I wanted that container. (Honestly let me know why I needed this container so badly…)

And then I found the jackpot on Caudalie’s website. They had a couple different gift set options including the container I wanted, and one with the lotion I needed! So I bought it.

Free shipping. Always a plus in my book so thank you Caudalie.

Ultimately the total (not including tax) came to 1 more dollar than me just buying the lotion itself.

Honestly I felt like I was on top of the world.

Now I use the cute little container to hold my makeup brushes!

It now sits on top of this little acrylic drawer organizer, looking cute, with some of my other necessities.

Also on the top is the moisturizer and pretty pink nail polish that came with, castor oil in a tube (amazing for growing hair), eye serum rollerball, Glossier moisturizer, rose facial spray and my favorite natural deodorant in vanilla rose.

Shop the sets below!

(Just click on the picture below to check them out!)

xx, Chandler

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