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Current Beauty Lusts

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 1. Glossier Cloud Paint // I am in love with the Glossier cloud paints! Well I mean so far I only have one, in the color dusk and I LOVE IT. I am such a fan of cream blush. It looks so natural and just gives the skin a true blushing from within look rather than a powder sitting on top of your cheek. The next color I want: Beam. Beam is a true peachy shade. Get 20% off your order by clicking here.

2. Jillian Dempsey Lid Tint // I am such a fan of glossy lids. I think they look edgy, chic and have that “from the runway but I can wear it daily” feel. Some people wear Balmain and I do a glossy eye to achieve the same “look”.

3. Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam // I am a dry shampoo fanatic. If you read my post about why I only wash my hair once (sometimes twice) a week, you would see that. I love pushing the limit on washing my hair. It results in faster growing, healthier hair that is shinier and then I only have to heat style it once (sometimes twice) a week reducing damage.

4. YSL Volupte Tint-in-Oil // I love the idea of this lip oil! It is on my “to purchase” list. I’ve never been a huge fan of matte lips, just because I hate the feeling, so this would basically be me in a product. The shear color and hydration that an oil would give would be beautiful. I really want “undress me” or “oh my gold” as my first lip oil from YSL. Both are very neutral colors.

5. Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil // Youtuber Tess Christine RAVES about this hair oil. She says that it has helped her hair grow as just one of the benefits that it has provided. So obviously I’m sold.

6. Son & Park Beauty Water // What first drew me into this product was the minimalistic packaging. I’m not going to lie. But then I read about the product and thought it sounded amazing. It is a toner to remove oil or prep skin. But the lavender water, rosewater and orange fruit extract hydrate the skin while willow bark and papaya extract sweep away dead skin cells. After you should have brighter, more even and smoother textured skin.

7. RMS Beauty Living Luminizer // I’ve actually had this product before and I lost it. I loved the color of this product and how it is all organic. I had this before they had different color options. Now they have a champagne, rose gold champagne, and a pearl gold shade.

8. Captain Blankenship Golden Sea Salt Spray // What draws me to this product is the golden shimmer aspect to the sea salt spray. I can just envision my hair glowing in the summer time if I were to use this. It actually makes me super excited for summer just thinking about it! This product says it will add gentle waves, adding life and volume, a scent of rose, while giving your hair a shimmery glow without making hair crunchy or dry.

Let me know what is on your beauty lust list.

xx, Chandler

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