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Exciting News!

I hope you are ready for a fun little series that I am putting on this weekend!

Welcome to Glossier Weekend: Day 1.

Get ready for a whole weekend of posts all about Glossier!

I have some exciting news for you today and it is….

drumroll please…

I am a Glossier Rep!

Yes I know it is super exciting!

Glossier actually reached out to me about being a rep and I was beyond ecstatic. I automatically said yes since I love the brand, the products and everything about it.

I officially have a page as well talking about my top picks, favorite products and a little introduction video for you to watch as well!

By shopping with me on Glossier, you get 20% off your first order and free shipping on orders over $30.

Check out my Glossier rep page!!! Here!

You can check out some of the other glossier posts below to see what products I love!

Glossier Posts: 

xx, Chandler

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