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Glossier Lusts

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So by now, unless you have been hibernating in a cave somewhere, know that I am obsessed with Glossier.

There isn’t truly one product that I hate that I have come across in my purchases or trials yet.

So I thought I would come on here and talk about a few of the products that I want and why I want them. I will also leave all my previous posts below for you to read!

Also get 20% off your Glossier order by clicking here since I am a Glossier rep!

Many are reviews of products from Glossier that I ordered, received and put to the test.

Ok so let’s get into my forever continuing lust list, but this time it is a Glossier lust list.

  1. G Terry Headband // I love this terry headband because it is super cute. I normally use a headband or nothing at all and honestly they both aren’t ideal. The headband is one that I would use to hold my hair back when I workout and it dents my hair, and without anything my little baby hairs get wet and aren’t straight anymore. Little things but they truly make the difference when you are washing your face twice a day and mask it out at least once a week as well.
  2. Haloscope // The halo scope is amazing (I have the quartz one) and I want all of them now! The product creates a dewy, lit from within glow. It has a outer halo of actual crystal extracts and a middle core of oils to keep you looking hydrated. The topaz will give you that healthy sun kissed glow, and the moonstone will give you an opalescent look.
  3. Mega Greens Galaxy mask // I have oily skin and have the tendency to get the occasional breakout. This face mask contains specific ingredients to help skin detox out the bad to reveal softer, clear, glowing skin. It particular is has white clay in it which purifies pores by drawing out oil and buildup. So yes sometimes you will breakout after this mask, but it will reveal better looking skin after that day.
  4. Super Glow // The Glossier Super Glow Serum is a vitamin c serum that helps energize your skin when it is looking dull. It helps even out your skin tone, and creates a light-reflecting complexion.

Glossier Posts:

xx, Chandler

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