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The Last Village Juice Co. for 2017

Yes you read that right…. The last I will be having Village Juice Co. for a while.

It just happens when a school year comes to a close and summer starts.

However this means you won’t just be seeing Village Juice Co., after Village Juice Co. post for a WHILE.


For my last time at Village Juice Co. I decided to go “all out”. This is what Nicolette, my roommate, and I kept saying on our drive over.

We both got this amazing Santa Fe Bowl, which is basically a burrito bowl that you would get at Chipotle or someplace, but this one was on another level. I am convinced it involves perfectly ripe avocado, mango salsa and cashew cheese. Yup! This bad boy was delicious and I highly recommend if you are vegan or not.

The second thing I got was “The Sunset” smoothie + collagen. In it (without the collagen) was house-made organic coconut milk, pineapple, banana, organic mango, lime. So so so so fresh, tropical and delicious. I love adding the collagen in, which I will get into in another post.

Lastly, right before we left I said “why not” and got a juice. You know I love the coolcumber juice from them but I decided to try a different one after I snagged a sip of my roommates. She (and then I) got the leaf and lemon juice. It has filtered water, lemon, apple, kale and ginger.

If you didn’t know I love when things are super gingery so this hit the spot. However if you don’t like ginger as much as I do, I still think you would enjoy this. Nicolette doesn’t like a ton of ginger and she loved this one too.

It is a love hate relationship with this being my last Village Juice Co. trip for a while but we made sure to make it count.

xx, Chandler

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