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Winston: Quanto Basta

One of our favorite places in Winston-Salem, North Carolina to eat dinner is Quanto Basta. It is the great Italian place right in downtown Winston.

A little bit ago my sorority family and I went there to get one last family dinner before the semester ended and summer started.

My friend and “cousin”, Lauren, showed us this place back in February, and since we have been trying to create excuses to go.

This specific trip to our fave I got a glass of chardonnay, and a caprese salad. It was honestly so delicious. A caprese salad is one of my favorites, I usually get it every time it is on the menu and if nothing else grabs my attention. It is my safe buy.

For the main course I got the baked ziti without any frills because I chose wine over any meat. Not all college life is glamorous. But this ziti made it a little more so. Previously I have had the Fettuccine John Angelo which is also delicious but completely different as it is not a tomato sauce based dish.

And lastly for desert I had the olive oil cake. Oh my god it is delicious. It doesn’t actually taste at all like olive oil but it is so moist and amazing. It also comes with a little scoop of gelato on the plate on top of this pistachio graham cracker dust and it is amazing. It has a slight hint of orange, which shouldn’t scare you away because it is not too overpowering in the slightest. As someone who doesn’t like orange in deserts, this was perfect.

If you are in the area you should really check out this place.

xx, Chandler

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