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New In: Glossier

I love Glossier.

I don’t think that is a secret.

I use their skincare, makeup, and now even their accessories.

There are definitely products I like more than others but overall, I haven’t found one product from Glossier that I hate.

With the launch of their new product, I knew I had to place an order for that, and also to replace a few products that I was out of or running low on, or in different shades.

(A video is at the bottom of this post in case you want to watch rather than read, and more Glossier blog posts are linked below if you want to check out more Glossier.)

Ok so starting with some of the new products. I purchased the Glossier Invisible Shield RIGHT when it launched! I was so excited to see this breakthrough formula for a daily sunscreen. It goes on absolutely clear. The formula is so light weight and still hydrates your skin without going overboard for my oily skin people. I really highly recommend it! I wore it today under the Perfecting Skin Tint (in medium and light, I mix them). Rain, shine, clouds, your skin always needs protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. And this is completely invisible and undetectable under makeup or just on its own. It has NO white cast. It is NOT greasy. And it has a smell reminiscent to sunscreen but with sweet orange essential oil to modernize that traditional scent.

As for skincare… The Super Glow is a Vitamin C and Magnesium serum and I believe is an important part of The Supers. Vitamin C reduces dark spots (thank god because I have my fair share from the middle school and high school popping zit days). It also has Magnesium that promotes cell turnover so your skin looks younger, longer. I will be completely honest and say that I am unsure about this product so far. With that being said, I haven’t used it as religiously as my Super Pure or Super Bounce. With the Super Bounce and the Super Pure, the results and difference with using them are almost instant. Where the Super Glow I haven’t noticed as much of a visible difference. So I will keep you updated as I initiate it into my skincare regimen more religiously.

The Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack my go-to mask when my skin feels gross, oily, clogged and in need of a detox. ImLVH describes it as a green juice for your face and I could not agree more. What helped me not freak out when first trying this mask was that I knew how it worked. It is made out of creamy clay which purifies your pores, while Avocado Oil and Aloe calm and moisturize. There are other powerful and magical ingredients but these show that the mask does it all. When you put this on it clears out your skin, even if your skin doesn’t show it right away. By the next day, your pores are purging all the gross shit and show up at blemishes. DON’T FREAK OUT. If you treat it well, gently pop it to get the crap out, or treat the spot with products, they will disappear faster without leaving spots or marks on your skin. Seriously magical.

Last of the absolute new, is the Glossier Terry Headband. It honestly is the best. I’ve never had anything this specific to keep my hair back when I wash my face, and I am 100% converted. I don’t go a wash without it. It holds everything back from getting wet, without crimping my hair and it is super nice quality. It’s made out of “80% spa-quality looped terry cotton plus 20% of the most sensual stretch elastic nylon so it fits snug but comfy”. And it is cute! I love the pink G.

If you are thinking about picking up a product or two from Glossier, you can shop my favorites, plus get 20% off your first order and free shipping on any order over $30. It is Glossier.com/Reps/Chandler or just Click Here.

As for the kind of new…

New in my makeup collection, the Glossier Haloscope’s in Moonstone and Topaz. I am actually surprised with how much I love Topaz. Being so fair I didn’t think that Topaz would ever work for me, and then I watched this video on the Into The Gloss Youtube Channel, and it opened my eyes to what I had never thought before. I love all of the halo scopes and I hope they come out with one that is a champagne or gold one next!

I got the Glossier Generation G Lipstick in Cake. This lipstick is my favorite one to wear at all times. It isn’t drying, it doesn’t scream “I just ate or drank anything while I was wearing this” when you eat or drink, and it doesn’t give you that butthole lip look from wearing off on the inner part of your lips. I love the color Like, it was my first Generation G and now Cake is my 2nd! I love that cake is a peachy, pinky nude color and is more of the everyday and probably transitions a little better into other seasons.

You probably already know this but I do really like the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint in Medium. I will say that if you don’t want anything with super light coverage, this probably won’t be your go to. I like using it if I feel like I need just a little on my skin, like if I’m going to the gym and then to do some work, or just to run some errands. I also love this on a day that you maybe don’t want to wear a lot of makeup, like on a weekend, but still want a little something. This just makes your skin super radiant. Like your skin but better. I feel really good when I wear this. I know that probably sounds weird but it is true!

And lastly, the old, but the great.

If you have read any of my Glossier posts or videos before (I have a bunch listed below the video), you would know that I am 100% ride or die Glossier Super PureI swear this serum fixed my skin. It helps get rid of any blemishes on my skin or really any from creating. Since using this product I have noticed a significant decrease in my blemishes.

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xx, Chandler

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