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May Favorites

May has been full of some amazing things so and I am dedicating today’s posts to all my favorites this month! It is a little long, so grab a snack, a glass of wine, maybe some water, and let’s talk favorites.

A little life favorite is I finished my Junior year at High Point University! I am going to be a Senior in the fall and I am unsure if I am more than excited or not excited at all.

In April I worked furniture market in High Point and after the first day my friend, Sarah and my feet hurt SO BAD that we went straight to TJ Maxx, stumbled in on our sore feet to buy new shoes. Since market requires you to stand basically 12 hours of the day, we were in need of backup shoes on a budget. Anyway so while I was there I spotted a pair of faux fur mule slides on clearance and purchased them the moment I saw them in my size. Some of my friends gave me shit for wearing them at school but honestly they are so comfortable and quick to just slip on and go. I think they add a little sophistication to a look and are very in trend right now. Here is a similar pair.

Another shoe favorite of the month are the Birkenstocks I purchased! I got these and I have been wearing them basically everyday. I chose the white, one, because it is one of my favorite colors (along with black and blush pink) and I just felt like they looked better on my feet than the other colors. I know, kind of weird to think they look better on my feet but it is true! Also I feel like the white ones aren’t as “Birkenstock-y” as the original brown and taupe ones.

And yes, I have another pair of shoes that I have lived in this month. I thrifted this pair of embroidered tennis shoes for a solid $15. Such a steal for such a trend right now. These are just super cute and trendy. Here is a similar pair.

This month I have jewelry favorites too! I purchased both gold and silver in a pair of little hoops and a super cute necklace. That is just so me, to buy both colors in something I like… I know, a little crazy but whatever it has come in handy so far in the month of May. The necklace is way different than any other necklaces I own. It has all of these charms on it that include a lightening bolt, a star, a 3rd eye, a hamsa hand and a crescent moon. The charms just make the necklace overall really fun for Summer and make a work shirt look better. As for the little hoop earrings, they are continuous hoops, which are my favorite. They are just so tiny but add a little sparkle. They work with my everyday hectic life.

It has been oddly super sunny in Oregon this May so I whipped out my sunglasses favorite of the month. My black circle Ray-Ban’s have been with me everyday, and worn almost everyday this month. This whole year and last summer I as a Rose Gold Quay High Key wearer and I have completely ditched those this past month for my Ray-Ban’s. It took some getting used to because of the size difference, but I’m glad I made myself wear them, because now I prefer them! I got mine off of poshmark because Ray-Ban doesn’t sell them anymore unfortunately.

Another favorite is that I am a Glossier rep! My page (www.glossier.com/reps/chandler) went live at the VERY end of April and I showcased it in early may making it another lifestyle favorite of the month. I had a “Glossier Weekend” on my blog to celebrate with videos about the products, my first impressions, and what I am lusting over from them. Even though it doesn’t show it as one of my favorite items on my page, I have been obsessed with the Glossier Super Pure for about the past month and a half. So much so I downed an entire bottle! I was using it twice a day when my skin was breaking out from working market, from all the sweat, heat, makeup, dust that was in the warehouse, so I started using it in the morning and night. This double dosage of Super Pure wasn’t too much for my skin and cleared it right up! To get a little technical about the product, it has niacinamide and zinc in it. Niacinamide (aka Vitamin B3) helps soothe redness while zinc penetrates your pores to help clear out impurities and helps minimize sebum overproduction that causes blemishes. This seriously was a savior for my skin. Market, the stress of finals, travel in a car and plane, change of environments, and the Super Pure helped keep my skin during all of it.

Another Glossier favorite of mine is the Invisible Shield that they launched this month! It is a daily sunscreen that goes on COMPLETELY CLEAR. No white cast. No greasiness. Just clear, hydrating and smells reminiscent of sunscreen in a non-typical sunscreen way. Since it has sweet orange essential oil in it, it smells more fresh and tropical with the classic sunscreen undertone. It is spf 35 and protects you from UVA and UVB rays. I am all about protecting my fair skin. I do NOT want wrinkles any time soon and this sunscreen is the perfect base for makeup. So if you’re wearing makeup or not, your skin will look great, be moisturized and be protected.

For my next favorite, I actually found out about this product when I was reading this Into the Gloss post. They were interviewing a model, Larissa Hofmann, who has the most perfect blonde/platinum hair so I clicked and read the article. She talked about how she kept her hair from getting brassy (which I was dealing with naturally at the time) and immediately looked up this L’Oreal purple shampoo after she talked about how much she loved it, how it kept her hair shiny and more silvery. After the link took me to some european website, I took my search to Amazon to find it. And they had it! And I purchased it for less than $20! The thing about this shampoo is it is a professional shampoo which just makes it extra strong and intense. It made me want to try it even more. How it worked on my naturally blonde hair… It probably didn’t work as intensely as someone who has dyed their hair blonde, but it still worked! It took out some of the yellow in my lighter blonde strands and the brassy-ness of other sections of my hair! I use it about once a week.

A favorite that is more recent, is a pickup I made this month. You can read the full post here. But in particular I am head over heels in love with the Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey perfume! It is sweet and perfect for the summer time. Jo Malone makes such luxurious, long-lasting scents, and they have a range of perfumes that can really appeal to anyone. I suggest checking them out! I also love the Star Magnolia scent (a limited edition scent), and the Peony & Blush Suede scent as well.

Lastly I have been wearing the It Cosmetics CC Cream (in the regular formula) almost every single day! I love the way it wears through the entire day and it looks good! That is super important to me especially with my combination, oily skin. I also love mixing this with the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint in Light or Medium (I have both) or the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation in Light to sheer the product down when my skin is looking better.

I think that may be it for my May favorites! Sorry it was a little longer than my normal post but I had a lot of favorites!

It has been so great being home again and I know it is going to be a great rest of the summer and the rest of the year! Stay tuned.

xx, Chandler

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