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101 in 1001: Update #4

I feel like my 101 in 1001 has taken a nap. As if I have taken a slight breather from it. I don’t have the list hanging in my room on a wall so I can check off as I complete number by number.So maybe it has been a little out of sight out of mind lately.

I know I have so so so long until my 101 in 1001 is officially up but I still am working on getting as much as I can checked off the list this summer while I have time!

I’ve re-read my list and it made me excited to try some new things out this summer.

Also do we like the new revamped 101 in 1001 pic?! I think it is so much better!

But here are a few little things I have accomplished since my last update!

5. Blog for 1 year // I can’t believe it has been 1 year since I first released my blog and that I have been posting consistently. I am still in love with it just as much as when I first started.

19. Adopt reading before bed // I love reading before I go to bed. It helps me go to sleep, gets my mind off of certain things that are constantly flying around my head and helps me focus in. Currently I am reading this.

22. Make a new friend // Not that this is necessarily new, I just somehow skipped over it! But I am lucky to have a friend who is also a fellow blogger and a sister. We knew of each other and now I love keeping up with her life, her past travels as she was abroad last fall, and were also able to get closer during our Sorority recruitment this past winter and spring! Read Sam’s blog here.

41. Do a giveaway // Surprise! If you didn’t know I was able to host a giveaway to celebrate my official 1 year of blogging, birthday, anniversary, you name it! I decided to incorporate my favorite products in the giveaway; one’s that I thought were very me, very SB and products that you would love!

54. Collaborate with a brand // I am a Glossier Rep! As if you didn’t know that already! I became a rep this spring and could not be happier that it is with Glossier. I truly love their brand even if I wasn’t a rep. I truly don’t have a product of theirs that I don’t like so make sure to check it out here!

79. Do a workout class with a friend // My sister and I have been going to kickboxing classes at 9 Roud (or Round 9) bright and early 2-3 times a week. I actually really like it. I break a sweat (sometimes even a heavy ass sweat) and am feeling good but tired afterwards.

Check out the original 101 in 1001 here and maybe you will want to create one for yourself!

xx, Chandler

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