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Care/Of Vitamins

I have always had issues with vitamins.

Remembering to take them, what vitamins I should take, how many a day, what if I’m not taking the right vitals, etc.

The questions are limitless.

I originally heard of a company called Care/Of, a personalized vitamins subscription when Tamira Jarrel posted about the company on her Instagram. I checked it out to see what vitamins would be right for me.

I mean all you have to do is take a quiz and you have personalized vitamins that are best for you to take, that maybe you are lacking. You can’t beat that. So I took the test.

The test took in account to my sleep, travel, priorities, where I lived, just to name a few.

And then Care/Of created a set of vitamins just for me.

My vitamins include:


Astaxanthin is an amazing antioxidant that is known for giving sea creatures like salmon and shrimp their coral color. It is most known for supporting heart health by keeping cholesterol levels in a normal range but also has other benefits for other parts of the body. It helps maintain healthy skin and prevents normal signs of aging like wrinkles. It also has proof of helping maintain cognitive health in specific, helping short term memory. Lastly it helps with athletic performance (which doesn’t necessarily benefit me directly but is an added plus). It helps athletes fight oxidative stress and promotes strength and performance training.


Iron is crucial to your body function. It is an essential mineral for red blood cell production. It also improved energy levels and cognition by helping to move oxygen throughout your body. With me being anemic, iron is a must have for my energy levels and body function. Care/Of says, “Iron is an essential mineral that plays a role in critical bodily functions. Deficiency in iron has detrimental consequences, including fatigue and iron-deficiency anemia, which affects 30% of people worldwide. The amount of iron you need depends on your age and gender, and some groups are more likely to be getting less iron than they need, like vegetarians, who don’t absorb as much iron from plant sources, and women who are pregnant, who need a lot more of it.” Also note that vegetarians have a higher risk of iron deficiency.


Ashwaghanda wasn’t initially in my pack, but I felt would be a beneficial add on. It is a natural stress reliever and helps with physical endurance in conjunction with exercise. In a study, a group taking ashwaghanda, when compared to the placebo group, showed a decline in food cravings.

Vitamin D

Natural Vitamin D from the sun is something that Oregonians don’t always see a lot of. And actually it is something where if you live above 37 degree latitude, you probably don’t see a lot of sun either. Vitamin D also supports bone health. It is necessary for calcium and phosphorus absorption which directly impacts bone health.

Check out Care/Of, take the test and see what vitamins you should be taking!

xx, Chandler

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