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Stick-ing on Trend

I am not going to lie. I am loving the trend for makeup and skincare: everything in a stick.

Stick Makeup: bronzer, blush, highlighter, foundation.

Stick Skincare: Toner, cleanser, oil, eye cream, exfoliator.

And obviously a stick deodorant is nothing new to get excited about.

The only version I am not a fan of is stick sunscreen. For some reason I feel like I will just miss so many parts that I want covered with that one.

ANYWAY, you get it.

Although I maybe haven’t tried EVERYTHING stick form, I have tried a bunch and thought I would tell you the real deal on some of the products, what I think about them, and if the stick form of skincare and/or makeup is better, or if it is just a craze.

Makeup wise I have tried out stick foundation, which is kind of what started it all, stick bronzers, stick blushes, stick eyeshadows, and stick highlighters. I don’t own a stick contour just because I feel like most of them are too dark on my fair skin, or they turn up too gray for my liking. I prefer just a overall bronze look, even if it means “contouring” with a bronzer.

For foundation… I am not the biggest fan of stick foundations just because I have found that all I have tried have a ridiculous amount of coverage. I haven’t found one with a medium or light coverage which is what I prefer. All have been full coverage. This just isn’t my jam, so that is why I just prefer a cream or liquid foundation.

I will say that companies are coming out with new ones everyday, so I will keep my eyes peeled.

Since we are on the topic of makeup, let’s start there.

For stick bronzer, I actually love one in particular. The Milk Makeup Bronzer, the lighter shade, Baked, has captured my heart. This bronzer by Milk is creamy, pigmented, easy to blend, easy to layer, and looks natural. I currently have the mini version but will be purchasing the larger one, once my mini runs out.

The majority of stick products I have are stick highlighters, 100%. I have three from Glossier, one from Ciate, one from Nudestix and one from Milk Makeup. And easily, highlighters are my #1 favorite makeup product in stick form. The three from Glossier, Moonstone, a opalescent shade, Quartz, a universally flattering pearlescent shade, and Topaz, a sunkissed glow. From Ciate, I recently picked up their Dew Stix, which just adds the most beautiful dew on the skin. Nudestix created a highlight called Hey, Honey, and the color is similar to topaz, but blends out to be a lighter golden glow than Topaz from Glossier. Lastly, the one from Milk Makeup is their Liquid Strobe in Beam.

And the reviews for the highlighter group…

I have one loser. Unfortunately the Milk Makeup Liquid Strobe in Beam was not well executed at all. It is glittery, but in a way that is uneven when it glides on the skin. Also product doesn’t even come out some of the time. I really had to dig the roller ball into my skin to get any product to roll out and if it did come out a bit, I felt as if it did more harm than good by taking off my makeup. Overall just not good. Sorry Milk. I need to try their highlighter in Lit, but it might be a little too dark on my fair skin.

I love the Glossier Haloscopes. (I also am a Glossier Rep so use my page to save money!)

And as for the newbie, the Ciate Dewy Stix looks as if I put oil on the highpoints of my cheeks without making my makeup separate or come off. I like it but I have found myself reaching for Quartz by Glossier or Hey, Honey by Nudestix more.

And now for skincare:

I don’t have as many products, but I have a couple and others I am wanting to try.

One thing to note is that the products I own and want are pretty much exclusive to Milk Makeup. They are completely taking the skincare work by storm with their stick skincare. I think this is so smart. With all of ththe traveling that people do, or  want to do, and with TSA regulations being the way they are, travel friendly skincare in. And what is more friendly than stick products that don’t explode mid flight.

I love the Cooling Water stick for under my eyes! I talk all about this product in this post. Recently I have been using it all over my face as well after a day in the sun, a long allergy issue day, really any day my face feels puffy. I LOVE the feeling of the cool touch of this product. It is so satisfying.

As for the Matcha Toner… I really like this when I am in a pinch and don’t want to pull out a cotton pad and use a liquid toner. It is more practical for everyday life. I do love one of my other toners, so I have been using that nonstop but I will back on the matcha once my bottle is empty.

From Tarte, my sister, Taylor, loved the FRXXXTION Stick Exfoliator. She has been struggling with acne prone skin for a while and says that she got the, “frixxtion stick in the winter because I knew I would have dry skin. I loved it because it was gentle enough to use every day or every other day but it still got all the dead skin off my face.” She also loved using it as a face mask to let the charcoal do it’s think by pulling out toxins and any junk in her skin.

Stick makeup is just too easy… but in a good way. ESPECIALLY for someone who just can’t be bothered by a toner bottle selling in her suitcase, or a blush pan cracking and breaking.

Just so realistic, easy to use and amazing.

xx, Chandler

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