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A Beauty Must-Have

Have you ever had one of those things that you’ve wanted but never go out and actually buy yourself?

Yeah, me too. For me it was a silk pillowcase. I had heard it had beauty benefits for your skin and hair but never actually went out and purchased one for myself.

That’s were my mom comes in. My hairdresser, Rhonda (she’s great) started making her own silk pillowcases and my mom purchased 2. One for me and one for her. Shes a sweetie for thinking about me.

Now with something I’ve always wanted in my hand, I decided to put it to the test to see if I noticed any difference (of course after some research).

What I first noticed about the silk pillowcase vs a normal pillowcase was how cool (in temperature) and silky soft it felt. Seriously a whole new ballpark. It was slick so my face moved more fluidly without dragging my skin when I wanted to move and just how much better it felt overall compared to my other pillow cases.

I will say that I didn’t have terrible skin to begin with. I have a breakout here and there, sometimes none, sometimes a few. It all depends on the time of the month, but I noticed the breakouts kind of became less frequent. What was a bigger indication of something changing in my life style or products I used was my skin texture. Any texture that I had is gone and my skin feels softer overall. Seriously this is probably my favorite part of the pillowcase. My skin just looks so good without any texture. Since the silk is softer, I noticed there was less redness in my skin probably reduced from the lack of texture now and the softness of the silk material.

A little random something was that I realized my face didn’t look as oily in the morning. Since the silk feels cooler to the touch than cotton, you are less likely to sweat during the night.

Well silk is much better at keeping in moisture than cotton, and as someone who suffers from dry skin, this has been totally amazing. Silk also doesn’t pick up as much pore-clogging bacteria as cotton does. This makes silk ideal for all skin-types. Now for hair… Silk is known to cause less breakage of hair (which can cause split ends) because it naturally has a smoother surface. Cotton is said to make your hair frizz and cause bunching and knots as well. Can’t have that.

Silk retains moisture, and this can be great if you tend to have drier, more brittle hair. My hair is definitely prone to breakage and when I was sleeping on cotton I noticed I had more hairs on my pillow when I woke up when comparing it to now with my silk pillowcase. I noticed I had overall less kinks in my hair, less fly-aways, which is just amazing since I have frizzy wavy, curly hair naturally (even though I don’t let it show that often).

I know it seems crazy that a pillowcase is doing that much good and changing up the game that much, but I am seriously convinced. I am not taking off my silk pillowcase anytime soon.

xx, Chandler

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