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Italy here I come!

Surprise! I am going to Italy!

And not just for 1 week or a month, but for an entire semester. I am studying abroad!

It has been my dream to study abroad since before I was in college and finally, during my senior year, I am able to make that dream come true thanks to my family.

I have been working on studying abroad since February and am so excited to finally announce it to everyone! I officially am studying abroad in Florence, Italy.

I have my class schedule, tuition paid and now just need to work on packing.

I am so grateful to have such a great support system to help me not stress out over the wait. Thanks to my sorority sisters I have DMed, emailed, talked to about advice, what to pack and where to go where. The blog History in High Heels has been a lifesaver as well. (Thank you to Sam for that one and for her lengthy and helpful email with food places, shopping tips, packing tips etc.)

Check out Sam’s blog and all of her amazing travel posts. (She studied abroad outside of Milan last fall.) I have been re-reading them and soaking up all of the information.

The best part, is that I will be taking you with me to all of the different places I go for the next 4 months.

I hope you are ready for an adventure!

xx, Chandler

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