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Madrid: Day 1

Day one in Madrid was amazing. Seriously we have probably walked around the entire city and I haven’t found a street or place I didn’t really like. For the first day and first city of our whirlwind Europe trip, Madrid has set the expectations high.

We arrived at 8:00 am in Madrid after flying for pretty much 15 hours and we were in need of coffee. We arrived at our hotel, seriously such a great hotel and a great location, and we just had the best service. Make sure to check out the Hotel Palacio Del Retiro. It is the Autrograph Collection boutique hotels by Marriott. Seriously such a beautiful historic hotel. It is right across from this amazing park called the Parque de El Retiro. I would almost consider it the Central Park equivalent in Madrid.

We also found out the the hotel is over 100 years old but used to be a private mansion for the man who owned the railroad station nearby. The AC is unique and has stained glass, amazing trim all around and is probably one of my favorite hotels I have stayed in.

Anyway so we arrived super early and obviously our rooms weren’t ready so we sad in the restaurant trying to rehydrate before walking the rest of the day. (Basically running on empty and we were exhausted with little sleep.) So we made a little plan thanks to a map and a restaurant guide from the hotel and then decided to stretch our legs. We walked around the park for an hour or two and still haven’t seen all of it (mainly just the edges but you get it).

The park was gorgeous and we were in love with the little gardens in the middle. We also ran into a huge pond with row boats but decided to ditch that to go look back at the trees in the gardens. I still think they were the coolest tree I’ve ever seen. I will take 5.

We then walked down to the Prado Museum, which wasn’t far from our hotel at all, only a couple of blocks, and then ditched that idea after we saw the size… Too much for no sleep and no mental preparation to look at that much art. So instead we went to the Sofia Reina which is right by the train station. My sister really wanted to go see some of Picaso’s work which is located in the Sofia Reina. To my surprise it is still a huge museum.

I fell in love with this hotel’s vibes. Even Grayson said “Chan that hotel is such your vibes”. So obviously, picture. So cute with the white exterior and black iron accents.

The architecture in Madrid is just amazing and found so many buildings I would love to live in or stay in for a while, but the lack of Spanish in my vocabulary will probably prohibit that.

Something I have noticed is that not too many people know english or have english on their menus so Grayson, who is a spanish minor, has been having to use her years of classes to communicate, order and get directions when we are useless.

If you are wanting to go to Madrid, I highly recommend knowing a little spanish to get around.

On our way back from the Sofia Reina we found this amazing building with all of these gorgeous live plants attached to the side. I want a mini version in my home one day.

After a little siesta in the middle of the day we went to a rooftop bar that gave me some Saint-Tropez vibes. Couches, lounges, mist spraying from above you, amazing view, it just reminded me of something I would see in the South of France.

We then started walking to dinner which was located in this adorable little square at a restaurant called Sifon. We just had a few tapas, their meat and cheese plates along with fried anchovies… not my pick but a Spain staple apparently. We sipped on sangria and aperol spritz’s until we decided to head back to the hotel and pass out from jet lag and exhaustion.

I will try to keep up on posts as we travel so stay tuned! We will see how it goes since my computer hates the wifi here and won’t connect.

You can also keep up on my travels as we move around Europe on my Instagram Stories!

Madrid Day 2 and then off to Barcelona!

xx, Chandler

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