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Madrid: Day 2

Madrid is gorgeous. Seriously amazing

I started my day off with an espresso out on our balcony among the trees with a view of the streets and the park.

Then I moved down and had the most delicious and relaxing breakfast ever. Period. The hotel had an amazing spread with little yogurts, fresh ripe berries and melons, fresh spanish assorted meats (whatever they are known for really), cheeses, lox, green juice, pastries and most importantly they had fresh squeezed orange juice (the best) and the best coffee I have ever had.

We spent about an hour just relaxing and eating food. We ate just enough that we weren’t hungry until dinner time!

After breakfast we headed to the Palacio real de Madrid.

During our walk over we walked down some beautiful streets. Honestly one of my favorite parts about walking around is looking at all of the beautiful streets that are here. I could take pictures of almost all of them.

On our way over to the Palace, we found this cute little tapas square with dozens of eateries and all outdoor seating. It is super easy to find… kind of. All you have to do is go to the main city square where the clock is, go towards the palace and it is somewhat hidden on the left. A super cute place for tapas.

Then we finally stumbled upon the Cathedral and the Palace. Both were stunning. I will admit that when I think of cathedral I think of Le Segrada De Familia and so this one wasn’t quite the same but every city is different. So we walked inside and admired all of the colors.

Right across the courtyard there was the palace so we just decided to admire from the outside because there was no way were were 1.) waiting in a line to get into the palace and 2.) because it was massive and would take the rest of our day.

With our next destination in mind we started walking and of course, taking pictures along the way.

Then there is was… the holy grail on a hot day. This adorable little popsicle store. The flavors change every day so you never know what you will get!

The little popsicle store was called Lolo Polos Artesanos. My dad considered if the “highlight of the entire day” since he loved his so much. He got the Blackberry Chia Lemon one, and I got the Cucumber Mint one. All of them were super refreshing.

I HIGHLY recommend checking this place out especially if you want to do some shopping in the boutique shopping district anyways. Which is where we just happened to go next.

We ended up picking up little things here and there in Spanish boutiques and went back to our hotel to take a siesta.

For dinner we went tapas hopping and nothing truly wowed us like the night before unfortunately.

Right now, I just want another popsicle.

Next stop: Barcelona!

xx, Chandler

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