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Barcelona owns a little piece of my heart. Honestly all of Spain does even though spanish is not one of my talents (despite 2 semesters of taking spanish). Madrid and Barcelona both swept me away. You can read my Madrid travels here and here.

Next on my list to go to in Spain: Seville aka the culture hub of the country, Mallorca aka the beautiful island off of the east coast of the country, and Costa Del Sol aka one of my Grandma’s favorite places that she visited. Ever.

In time I will be able to visit. But back to Barcelona.

We took the train in from Madrid and went straight to our hotel.

We stayed in the AC Cotton House and took a little tour of the place to learn about the history while we waited for our rooms to be ready. It was super cool. The residence used to be a cotton manufacturer. The family that owned the cotton warehouse lived upstairs and they manufactured the cotton downstairs. The building also had the first staircase that was hung from the ceiling and suspended. It felt pretty stable for not being built from the ground up.

Since I was exhausted and need coffee, I ordered a cortado on the patio in the hotel. We just wanted a moment to chill and sit before adventuring out. It hit the spot and helped get me up off the couch and back into my walking shoes.

We found the Zara near our hotel along with many other shops and were ready to find someplace to sit down and eat a little food.

The little restaurant we stumbled upon was called Mil Grits’s Taberna. Inside and out it was adorable. We ordered a few tapas plates and decided to head back to our hotel for a siesta.

I was personally exhausted and so I almost ended up sleeping through dinner time so we grabbed a quick bite and went back to bed to wake up fresh for the following day.

We started the next morning off nice and early with breakfast at the hotel before starting our journey to the gothic quarter of Barcelona. We winded our way down to our destination, again going through the cutest little alley-ways and streets.

We stumbled upon so beautiful buildings including the Cathedral of Barcelona.

After walking around the gothic quarter we caught a taxi up to Sagrada Familia since we were running slightly behind for our tour to walk.

The inside is stunning. Gaudi, who designed the entire building, designed to have equal light at all times of day with the colors of the glass on each side. The Sagrada Familia is definitely a place you need to see once in your life, but they will be working on it until 2026 if you want to see it completed.

After taking our tour, we decided to walk… not drive… but walk to Park Guell. A 30+ minute walk all uphill in 90 degree humid heat. Why? I’m not sure but we were dying on the final little uphill bit before reaching the park. But the view and Gaudi’s work was worth it.


Overall Barcelona was amazing and I’m hoping to go back in the future.

Make sure to go to Spain when you can!

xx, Chandler

PS. Wifi sucks in Europe so stick with me as I get travel posts up!

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