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Glossier Wowder, not just Powder

Let’s take a little break from travel posts…. (but don’t worry too much, they will be back).

Glossier came out with a powder. THE powder. The powder that kicks other powder’s out of the game ESPECIALLY if you love a matte to radiant look after a few hours of wear.

For me, I am all about a radiant finish to my skin. To me, matte is just too harsh for everyday and only really practical if you are going to be wearing that face all night or all day. That is why I have loved and still love Mac’s Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in light and have used it for years.

But then Glossier launched a powder called Wowder and I had to give it a shot. I mean, it’s a Glossier product… Isn’t that enough to make you want to buy it?

So some deets for you…

The powder aka Wowder, claims to cut shine, set makeup, and blurs the appearance of pores.

The brush is specially made for the Wowder. It is soft, perfectly dense and together they have the perfect glowy-matte (not flat) application.

I have been using it while making my way through Europe to fight the heat and my oily skin.

I will say that nothing beats straight sweat when in the direct sunlight in the heat of the day, but Wowder is the next best thing.

Try it out! I think you will love it. And you can either buy the Wowder and brush combo or buy them separately.

Also if you wanted to try out Glossier, I am a rep with them and would love if you shopped with me! You can get 20% off and free shipping when you do. The link is here.

xx, Chandler



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