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Venice Part 1

Back to travel posts! I am trying to catch up but the wifi here is pretty rough so hang in there.

Venice Day 1. We flew into Venice from Barcelona at an ungodly hour of the morning. My Uncle Charlie said that the only way to arrive in Venice is by boat so that is exactly what we did. We took a water taxi to our stop (the first stop) and walked around the corner to our hotel which was super convenient.

Almost immediately after arriving, we headed off to Murano to watch a glass blowing demonstration and to look around the island. After attending the demonstration we were able to see the art that these craftsman were able to create. You can see all over Venice, the glassblowing work that the city is known for, including in our hotel!

After that we headed back to see if our rooms were ready and to get a bite to eat since we were starving.

Our hotel was on the very edge of Venice so we started hopping over canals on our way in to find a place to eat. We found many closed store fronts (since August is the time that people all over Europe take vacations and travel) but we also found a gem on a little canal called Diana’s. The food was amazing and it was lovely to sit outside on the canal and watch boats go by.

Finally we ended up stumbling upon the Grand Canal and crossing the Rialto Bridge without knowing it.

We also stumbled upon the “Support” by Lorenzo Quinn. You’ve probably seen this all over Instagram and rightfully so. It is super cool and I’ve never seen anything like it. The two hands rise from the waters of the Grand Canal to protect and support Ca’ Sagredo. At the same time they could destroy it and let the city sink at any moment, because “the hand holds so much power – the power to love, to hate, to create, to destroy,” in Quinn’s words.

Today was the day that we spent walking around the small and narrow pathways of Venice and completely off of the busy main streets. That was defintly the trend for our family vacation. All of the little alleys were beautiful and peaceful since there are no cars. Period.

To end off the day we took a nap and grabbed dinner at a pizza place. We then went to bed to get an early start on the day hitting the main attractions.

Stay tuned for part 2!

xx, Chandler




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