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101 in 1001: Update 5

The ability to study abroad this semester has done wonders for me with my 101 in 1001. It has been a couple of months since my last update but this update is different. All have been accomplished because I have been traveling and studying abroad.

During the semester you can look forward to lots of study abroad related content, but for now I have a few things that have been checked off that need recognition.

8.Do something out of my comfort zone // Leaving both homes that I have become accustom to (in Oregon and North Carolina) is not some easy task. It is daunting and scary and you feel unsure about most moves that you make. Studying abroad was something I knew I always wanted to do. I set my mind to that and made it happen during the spring of 2017. But the act of preparing for my semester in a third home that I had never visited before in my life left me feeling anxious and stressed. I wanted to be prepared. To have all my comforts of home in an apartment, city, and country that wasn’t home. So I easily consider studying abroad to be the biggest “out of my comfort zone” task that I have taken on.

23.Visit someplace I’ve never been to before // The list goes on and on. Madrid, Barcelona, Venice, Milan, Florence. And coming soon, Cinque Terre, Capri, Positano, and Stuttgart.

49.Study abroad // Like I mentioned before, I have always wanted to study abroad. It was a major factor that I considered when I was looking for schools years ago. But this need to study abroad stemmed from my grandma who traveled the world for work. She gave me a gold charm bracelet with charms from all over the world where she traveled. She also collected art as she crossed the globe, and since then I have wanted to see even a few of the places that she included on that bracelet. In a sense I have always wanted to travel the world with her.

53.Go a week without watching anything on a screen // During the first week we were traveling (Madrid, Barcelona, Venice, Florence), I didn’t watch a single thing on TV, Netflix, Hulu, you name it. It was refreshing. Only in Milan did we end up watching a movie or two.

71.Go to a wine tasting // On our second visit to Florence (after Milan, before moving into my apartment for school), my mom and sister and I all went on a wine tasting on the other side of the Ponte Vecchio. The place was adorable and had little things to snack on while sipping a white wine selection. So cute and something I plan on doing again soon.

81.Learn how to use Photoshop // For my photography class we are learning how to use Photoshop! As of now I know the basics but from that I plan on learning how to use the system. Slowly but surely.

86.Visit a new country! // During the past month I have had the amazing opportunity to see new places that I have never been to before. I have loved the placed I have seen! Italy (Milan, Venice, Florence), and Spain (Madrid and Barcelona). AND new places will soon be added onto the list!

xx, Chandler

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