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Luscious Lush

Lush has always been one of those brands I can count on. From their bath bombs (that are my holy grail when I’m home or have access to a tub), to their fresh face masks (that I always go to when my skin is struggling), and even to their shampoo bars (that are perfect for travel or in your home), Lush just gets it.

When we accidentally stumbled upon a Lush in Florence on our way to a bar, I had to stop and stare for a second to get my bearings. My skin would survive (at the time I was really struggling with breakouts and acne scaring) and I would regain my sanity.

That week I headed back over to Lush and picked up a fresh face mask aka one of my holy grail products that I always lean on. Maybe it is the fresh ingredients, the blueberries in that particular face mask, or the cooling factor from it being in the fridge, but it helped.

And then they launched their jelly face masks………..

So there I found myself meandering over to that area of Florence to pick up a few things.

I did my research on the jelly face masks to see which one I wanted to try first. The conclusion was Bunny Moon. I wanted something soft and gentle, lightly hydrating but fixing. It has honey to lock in moisture, rose, camomile and vanilla relieve irritation and all together leave your skin feeling right again. SOLD. My amazing eyebrow and skin guru, Odessa, raved about honey when we were talking about making your own face masks and that just really stuck with me.

Next up, Ocean Salt, a classic. I have used this product since before Lush was as popular as it is now. I use it for my face, but it also is great for the body. It has both big and fine sea salt in for exfoliation, coconut oil and avocado butter to soften, and there is lime oil and extract and vodka to tone. Overall a perfect product. It really helps my skin feel clean and glow.

Lastly, Sleepy. Sleepy is a body lotion that is soft with a lavender scent. I love lavender, especially if it is done correctly. Cocoa butter, almond oil hydrate the skin and keep it feeling soft. It is really luxurious without being too heavy.

You can also read this post here for my last post on Lush.

xx, Chandler

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