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A Day Trip To Cinque Terre: Part 2

Continuing into the second half of the day in Cinque Terre…. If you read the first part, you would know of the hike that we survived… (barely).

As for a little setting… The day had become a lot warmer than we predicted. (We noticed that on our hike.) We weren’t planning on swimming, we were gross, hungry, and in need of a cold glass of something (preferably Rose or Prosecco).

We arrived by train from Vernazza, which was adorable but packed, and needed to eat. We used up all of the energy breakfast gave us and would devour any food. We knew we wanted to sit by the water and eat and drink so we found a place called Restaurante Gabbiano. It had perfect views of the water, with the turquoise waves crashing on the shore. We picked out a bottle of Prosecco which tasted amazing. It was the one thing that kept us pushing through the hike. We each ordered a plate of pasta, and I had the pasta with seafood. It was probably the best seafood pasta I had ever had in my life.

All of the colors were so vivid in this town in the Cinque Terre, the water, the umbrellas, the buildings, the flowers, it was all so beautiful. We walked to the edge of the town so we turned around and went the other direction for a bit. We took our guides’ recommendation and got fresh strawberry daiquiris at a little place next to the train station exit. I watched them make it and they took a whole quart of fresh strawberries and threw it in the blender. It was so fresh and amazing I almost got a second one.

We came across a tunnel that lead to another part of the town that was a lot more calm, less touristy and equally as beautiful.

Morgan and I decided to try and snap a “cool girl” picture in front of the cute little plants in one of the little alleyways.

Before heading back over to our meeting spot to leave we stopped for a cappuccino (even though it was the afternoon, yes, a cappuccino in my book is always a good idea). (In Italy, a milk drinks are almost a sin after 11 am.) I decided to try getting an iced cappuccino since after the hike I just wanted cold drinks, and I received a hot cappuccino with a few ice cubes in it. I laughed, drank the coffee and loved it. Cold drinks are my thing.

After walking back to our meeting spot in front of the train station early, we tried to get calamari from this cute little walk up place straight to the left as you walk out of the station. Everything was made to order and smelled amazing. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time before we had to leave. Next time I will try the calamari!

All of the Cinque Terre was beautiful and amazing. This day trip was an amazing way to kick off being here in Italy and traveling by myself but with friends. This place is a must see during the warmer months!

xx, Chandler


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