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First Taste of Florence

Time to backtrack a bit….

After Venice, that stole my heart, I wasn’t sure what I would think about Florence. I was worried Florence wouldn’t be everything I wanted it to be since I was going to call it home for 4 months. But I knew Venice wasn’t a place for me to call home, just a weekend getaway. After arriving in Florence I knew I would be able to be a home away from home. Especially after I found my apartment building, and was able to adventure around the city, before actually moving in.

We just walked. Walked around the city, across the river, and to the important buildings around the city.

The Duomo was grand, and glowed a pink hue in the sunlight.

After walking around the city center we walked across the river to explore a less populated with tourists, section of town.

We stopped on the other side of the river for a little bite to eat on this adorable cafe right on the river. Salad, risotto, a cheese and meat platter and some wine later, we decided to head back out across the Ponte Vecchio. It was busy busy busy. So we stopped mid in our tracks and headed straight back where we had lunch and continued on towards the Pitti Palace to see something new.

Back on the other side of the river (the one with the Duomo) we found the Uffizi Gallery and the museum where David is kept with a replica outside.

The sunset was beautiful and it was off to Milan in the morning!

Xx, Chandler

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