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Glossier Gone Abroad

Heads Up: Glossier ships to Canada and the UK now! And they are coming out with a perfume this month!



Glossier is one of my all time favorite brands. To me, they just get it. They nail products over and over again and the only downside of Glossier is that they don’t ship world wide already (but that is in the works). They create the products I carry around everyday in my purse, to touch up, etc. So having backups was necessary.

When I went to Italy, I knew I wasn’t going to have easy access to Glossier products the entire semester. So what else do you do when you’re moving across the world to attend school for 4 months? You stock up on all of your favorite products, enough to have two separate boxes for one order, and hope that you don’t run out.








Little did I know at the time, Glossier would have a pop up shop in Colette in Paris (where I am going for my fall break), and I would be able to pick up a few things.

To your surprise, maybe, I didn’t pack 5 milky jelly cleansers like I originally planned. Too heavy and too much space when you’re only bringing 2 suitcases. But everything else I picked up and now I’m set once I stop in Paris. I will be welcoming a few more milky jelly’s to my bathroom after that trip.

Anyway this post is to talk about all of the difference products I picked up, why and in what colors. AKA my must haves.

So what I added to my cart (and maybe you will too)….






Balm DotCom: This is such a staple. I literally have all of them. I love each of them but every flavor is a favorite in its own way. I love Birthday Cake because it smells amazing and I love the shimmer and I wore this one everyday this summer (so of course I bought a back up). Coconut smells amazing, like you’re on a tropical vacation, but is clear. Rose is a more mature scent (but still lovely) and has a very pale pink tint. The Original I use on my cuticles, on dry spots on my face after trying to zap a zit and to keep my brows in place in a pinch where I have no brow gel. And lastly the newest addition was Cherry. I usually dislike Cherry flavored things (except lollipops) but this one is my favorite for my lips. The tint helps bring back pink-ness and a healthy color to my lips. It smells amazing. If you don’t like cherry or if you do like cherry, you will like this one. I suggest utilizing Glossier’s Balm DotCom Trio Bundle so you can save money and try all the flavors. My absolute favorites that I would put in that bundle are Cherry, Birthday Cake and Coconut.

Stretch Concealer: This is probably my favorite makeup product that Glossier makes. It blends like a dream, has buildable coverage, and is just so versatile and I use it every single day. I don’t have the words to express how much I love the Stretch Concealer, but I think it is one that everyone should try out. I use shade light. Also if you’re thinking about buying this, save a few bucks and buy the Phase 2 Set! You pick out all the shades that you want of the Stretch Concealer, Generation G lipstick and Boy Brow. AND you save $12, and try out some of my fave Glossier products all at once! (Last and) And it comes in a gorgeous box.

Cloud Paint: I have all four and if I had to pick one to use forever it would be Dusk aka the neutral bronzy pink color. Super natural and I use it sometimes even as bronzer or to “contour” my cheeks when I’m being lazy. Next favorite would be Puff, then Beam, and lastly Haze. Haze is only last because I feel like it is a very dramatic color on my fair skin. There is a Cloud Paint Duo deal going on right now where you can save $6 by using the bundle! I would get Dusk and Puff or Dusk and Beam! The Cloud Paints are soooo worth it.

Boy Brow: I’m going to skip a long story about my eyebrow journey (it will be a different post) and just sum it up as, I finally have eyebrows that I love and tinted brow gel is all I need and could ever want. So boy brow. I love the Clear (when I want to fill in my brows) and mainly the Blond to have a one and done eyebrow. It does everything I need and I feel like my eyebrows look fake sometimes if I use more pencil now then I am used to. (Which is funny since I used to only use pencil, and now it is too much for me, personally.) I HIGHLY recommend Boy Brow, and it is one of Glossier’s most well known products.

Right now there is a Boy Brow and Haloscope Duo, and you can choose both your shades and save money ($8)! I personally would get Quartz and then whatever Boy Brow shade best for you.

And a little plug, I am a Glossier Rep so if you use my link here, you can get 20% off and free shipping if you spend $30 (easy to do) on your first order.

Haloscopes: This past summer I used every haloscope shade on my face. If not all three everyday I would always use two. AKA backups were necessary. If you’re wondering how I used all three on my face, I used Topaz, the bronzey shade, as a bronzer and used Wendy Rowe’s method to lightly “contour” and create a hollow. I would use Moonstone for a “sweaty” glow on my nose and under my eyebrow and sometimes above my eyebrow on the sides of my forehead. This one was a staple during the summer. Lastly, Quartz, easily my favorite overall, I use that on the high points of my cheekbones and on my cupids bow. For these I recommend warming it up on your fingers first and then applying after. It goes on more seamlessly and looks less like a streak of product.

Wowder: I talked about Glossier launching Wowder in August in this post! So check out the post for more details on Wowder. Hint: I love it. AND I also love the special Wowder brush, it was specially designed to work with Wowder. (I got the duo.) I use the shade Light.

Generation G: These lipsticks from Glossier are my favorite lipsticks to wear. ever. period. They are light, blendable, you can intensity the color or just keep it as a lighter wash as well. To add to my collection, in this order I purchased Leo. I already have Cake, Like, and Zip. Next up on my list is Jam.



Invisible Shield: I love the Invisible Shield. It is perfect for putting on before makeup, not white cast, smells amazing, and gives me a little healthy hydrating glow (which I love). I put this on everyday, cloudy or sunny, to protect my skin from sun damage, and environmental damage as well. Even going into the winter you should protect your skin, especially on the sunny days. We don’t want any wrinkles, or dark spots.

Milky Jelly: Milky Jelly is just one of those products that is a staple. As someone who has never been able to commit to a product, maybe there was something wrong with it, maybe not, maybe it just wasn’t perfect, I can happily say that Milky Jelly has ended the face wash search for me. It is one of the best Glossier products (in my mind) and is a must try for EVERYBODY. If you don’t want to buy a whole bottle, you can pick out a sample of Milky Jelly or Priming Moisturizer at checkout!

Perfecting Skin Tint: I am still using the shades I picked up months ago here in Italy to embrace the whole, ‘natural skin, no makeup’ vibe that Europe has. I use shade Light and Medium mixed together.


If you didn’t know, Glossier now ships to the UK and Canada!!! So make sure to order all the Glossier your heart desires if you’re in the UK and Canada!

AND Glossier is launching a perfume this month! Glossier ‘You’ can be pre-ordered if you go to this page, in the upper right hand corner there is a little button that you can click and pre-order! If you’re not sure about just buying the perfume, pre-launch, with every Glossier order a sample will be added of Glossier ‘You’. So just place an order and receive a sample! Shop with me and get 20% off and free shipping on orders $30 or more. It really helps me out to continue providing content and sharing my love of beauty with you!

xx, Chandler


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