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Capri, Italy

Little sleep, maybe four hours (maximum), an early wake up call, but it was all worth it because we were going to Capri.

We caught the ferry to Capri from Sorrento and we were able to score top deck seats to enjoy the fresh air, breeze and sights of the ocean, coast line of Italy and out of nowhere, Capri.

Capri was absolutely stunning as we pulled up to the dock. White buildings galore along with countless smaller boats perfect for expeditions to the Blue Grotto and around the rest of the island. We looked around at the shops along the water, but unfortunately everything was super touristy and didn’t capture the essence of Capri that we felt from the water.

We took the tram up to the top of Capri where most of the shopping takes place. BUT even with all of the shops and name brands that everyone knows of, we were able to escape the crowd and find little alleyways and streets with less people with maps and more people who, like us, were staying away from the busy places.

Right off of the tram, in the square, there is this cute fresh orange juice and lemon juice stand. You might be making a sour face at first thought, but I ordered the orange lemon juice and it was divine. The lemon in fact brought out more of the orange flavor with a hint of bitterness that was so refreshing in the sun. To top it off the man in the cart added a pour or two of vodka in mine. Perfect for 10 am when it feels like 2 pm from our long journey and late night less than 12 hours earlier.

Wandering around the small streets we found that most store fronts were still closed on our way further up the hill. We stumbled upon a fresh foods market before making it to the more boujee area of Capri.

After retracing our steps going around the endless possibilities of alleyways, we found some of the designer shopping. If that is what you want to do in Capri, then the top of the hill, away from the crowds would be perfect for you. For us, broke college students, a 5 euro caffe (aka a single espresso shot) was not what we wanted to do, so we wandered around until we found a small little bakery up the hill from the designers to grab a more reasonably priced caffeine boost.

After our caffe, we wandered around on the other side of the main square and found smaller, cuter shops that had some snow globes, magnets and key chains, but others had custom shoes and others had limoncello, that Capri and Positano are both known for.

I picked up a dainty bracelet to remember the city by, and then we found our restaurant for lunch. We sat at on the covered rooftop area and ate seafood spaghetti and drank rose before meeting back down at the bottom of Capri (where we arrived) to go see the Blue Grotto and the rest of the island.



We started the ride to the Blue Grotto, and when we arrived, since there was a line of boats, we hopped in and swam, after tipping our boat driver a few euro. I was surprised for how salty the water was, but how refreshing it felt. It was a beautiful blue color and the salt made it easy to float and not need to tread water.

Unfortunately the Blue Grotto wait was an hour and a half so our group opted to do the island tour instead since it was one or the other. So off we went to jet set around the island.

Our tour guide told us that this is the part of Capri where “celebrities” hang out. It looks more peaceful and less touristy than the other side of Capri, that is for sure.

We hopped into the water again for a swim, this time was more of a hop in for the experience and then get out since the breeze had picked up.

As we continued around the island we slowed down and drove through this rock formation. Our driver told us to close our eyes and make a wish, (I think it is based off of an old myth that will one day come true) so I did.

After our tour finished we hopped off of one boat and boarded the ferry to head back. It was a long but amazing day, and after we were in need of rest.

Next day: Positano!

xx, Chandler

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